Mastodon Advising Center

Academic Success


Welcome to IPFW and the Academic Success Center (ASC). ASC is the home to two divisions:

Centers for Academic Success and Achievement (CASA)
CASA provides an array of support services for promoting students’ academic success. Course-specific tutoring and computer-based tutorials help to develop understanding and proficiency while building confidence.

Mastodon Advising Center (MAC)
MAC is dedicated to advising students from admission to the university through their acceptance into their major department. MAC also helps students to foster personal development and informed decision making by encouraging them to explore, evaluate, and identify their academic and career goals.

Students succeed in higher education when they have high expectations, where they are involved in their learning, and where there is a climate of assessment—both for programs and for individuals’ work. Please join us in articulating and supporting high expectations for students at IPFW, in finding increasing ways to involve students with one another and their learning (on- and off-campus), and in giving us feedback on our work.

During the 2006-2007 school year, IPFW participated in the Foundations of Excellence self-study project, designed to help campuses improve their work with entering students. This is an aspirational model. What would be the very best programs for students? What students would be best served by what efforts? Thanks to our participation in the Foundations project, we are on our way to enhance efforts here at IPFW.

This Web site describes what goes on at IPFW, particularly in the Academic Success Center, to serve students. We welcome your feedback and please let us know if you have questions about any of our services.