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The following information is applicable to students wishing to be readmitted to IPFW. 

Readmission is for Fall or Spring semesters only; there is no readmission for the summer semester.

If you have been academically dismissed from any IU or PU campus, you must wait one Fall or Spring semester and complete the university readmission process before applying for readmission. Please note that if you have been academically dismissed twice you must sit out for both a Fall and Spring semester.

The university readmission application deadline for the Spring 2016 semester is November 20, 2015.

If you have questions regarding the readmission or reentry process or how the process applies to you and your individual situation, please schedule an appointment with Corrie Fox, Assistant Director or Student Success and Transitions. It is strongly encouraged that you meet with Corrie to make sure that you understand all aspects of the process and for assistance with application standards, IU and PU retake policies, registration procedures, GPA calculations, motivation and strategies for success. To make an appointment, please contact Student Success and Transitions, Kettler Hall - Room 109 or call 260-481-0404.

Please know that if you have taken, or plan to take courses at another institution before returning to IPFW, you must earn a cumulative GPA of at least a 2.0 to be considered for readmission. If you are planning to attend IVY Tech Community College as part of your plan for readmission to IPFW, please contact the Crossroads advisor at (260) 481-6595 to verify the classes you plan to take will transfer to IPFW.