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The "O" drive is a network storage area for more than two people to share files. Each O drive is limited in size and the size will vary.  Every department has a departmental O drive by default; however, additional O drives can be created for specific purposes by filling out an online request form.


  • On a campus Windows PC, the O drive automatically appears in My Computer as the drive letter "O".  Files can be opened and saved just like any other drive.
  • On a campus Mac, the O drive can be mounted as a volume which you can use like any other drive.
  • Off campus, access departmental space through My Files in myIPFW as "DriveO".
  • At any point after the creation of an O drive, access can be granted or removed for individuals.
  • If a file has been deleted, you can usually restore it yourself.
  • O drives are backed up by IT Services and files can be restored from backup.

Example Uses

  • Sharing files with all members of a department.
  • Sharing sensitive files with a smaller subset of people within a department.
  • A special group or committee may need storage space shared by people in many different departments.