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Overview of the Role of Information Technology Services (IT Services)

The mission of IT Services is to provide information technology-based support for the institution to succeed in its academic and administrative missions, i.e., to support the business plan.

This includes creating, installing, and maintaining application systems, telecommunications networks, and various end user techniques, tools and services to meet the campus missions of teaching, research, and service, and student needs for carrying out their class assignments.

Additionally, IT Services is charged with assuring that IPFW meets IT-related regulatory obligations, and is able to sustain operations in spite of disasters and attempted security breaches.

IT Services manages through a set of formal processes, including project management, change management, user request review, internal budget management, and issue management.

IT Services Areas of Service and Support


  • Develops, maintains and integrates software applications requested by academic and administrative users and their organizations.

Infrastructure Engineering

  • Creates and maintains database structures for use by applications, as well as applications requested by faculty for classroom use.
  • Designs and implements network structures, including connections to external entities.
  • Creates, maintains and implements standard and custom software images for employee workstations and student computing labs.
  • Performs employee services for specifying, ordering, and installation of workstations.
  • Designs, installs, and administers high-performance computing platforms.

Infrastructure Services

  • Administers network services.
  • Manages computing capacity through virtualized server environments.
  • Operates DataCenters in response to user needs.
  • Provides telephone services.
  • Supports closed circuit security camera systems.

Customer Service Centers

  • Provides support to end users on a daily basis to assure their access to and usability of Information Technology based resources.
  • Manages the Help Desk, the Student Open Access Computing Labs, and the Studio M Multi-Media Lab.
  • Provides on-going support technicians for workstations, multi-media projects, and classroom technology.
  • Manages network user account creation, access and control.

User Technology Support

  • Provides consultative support to faculty and administrative employees in alternative approaches to new projects and application modifications.
  • Manages core faculty and administrative applications such as the Blackboard Learning Management System.
  • Provides training in the use of a variety of Information Technology based applications and tools.
  • Creates, maintains, and manages an Information Knowledge Base.

IT Security Policy and Planning

  • Provides process analysis for creating and modifying business process flows, including automation approaches.
  • Assures compliance with Information Technology based regulations through education, policy publication, and corrective measures.

CIO's Office

  • Provides coordination with IPFW officers, strategic planning, and project coordination.
  • Promotes the practical and strategic use of Information Technology campus-wide.