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Security & Compliance Standards for Univeristy Owned Machines

Security & Compliance Standards for University Owned Machines

For security and compliance, IT Services is required to configure all university owned machines to meet the standards below. The normal PC build must include:

  • Configuration so that the computer logs into and attaches to a central directory. This is to ensure accountability; and to enforce security measures relating to password standards and inactivity screen lock.
  • Centrally managed firewall to protect student and employee data, and the campus network and server infrastructure.
  • Centrally managed security software that monitors traffic in real time, is updated regularly from a central location, and is integrated into security infrastructure to maximize protection against threats.
  • Centrally managed patch updates which are applied regularly and audited for compliance.
  • Centralized print management software which allows for installation and upgrade of campus printer drivers.
  • Centralized software distribution and license management, which allows software to be installed by the end user, and tracks use of licensed products so IPFW remains in compliance with licensing agreements