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Administrative Access on Multiple Workstations


Normal operating procedure is for faculty or staff to only receive administrative access to the university owned computer(s) assigned for their exclusive use. Under certain conditions, individuals can be granted administrative access to multiple computers, such as an all-access or departmental lab. Receiving this access is contingent on an approval process and that certain guidelines must be followed. Access will be reviewed annually to determine if it is still needed.

If access is being requested to install software, this can usually be accommodated via the Networked Software Request form.

Required Guidelines

When an individual is granted administrative privileges they accept the following conditions:

  • They must comply with all university policies.
  • They will abide by and will not circumvent any part of the university workstation standards.
  • They take responsibility for any changes they make to the computer.
  • They will operate under a standard user (limited user) account at all times unless required to elevate their privileges to perform a task. This elevation is done via a "username-ad" account where "-ad" stands for administrator. The use of the "-ad" account must abide by all university policies and standards, especially those that pertain to acceptable use, password criteria, etc. If administrative privileges are approved, an "-ad" account will be created for the individual as part of this process.
  • They will not create local (non-directory) accounts on the computer.
  • They will not grant elevated privileges to any other accounts on the computer.
  • They are required to maintain appropriate software licensing documentation for any software they install over what IT Services provides/manages on the base software image or software center. Documentation should be readily available for audit to ensure compliance. This includes freeware/shareware that may or may not be legal to install in an enterprise (non-personal-use) environment.
  • They are responsible for patching all software they install.
  • They are responsible for reinstalling custom software in the event that a workstation is reimaged.

The following incidents may result in the immediate removal of privileges:

  • A computer is compromised by virus, malware, or other malicious software application.
  • The computer system in question is not being maintained (via system patches and upgrades). An un-patched system is susceptible to compromise.
  • Network security scans find an unprotected or system vulnerability that is not patched or protected.
  • The system in question is not compliant with software licensing requirements.
  • Violation of this procedure, or other university policies and standards.

    Approval Process

    Fill out the Request for Administrative Rights On Multiple Workstations Form. This form can be filled out by the individual or their supervisor, director, chair, or dean. If the individual fills out their own form, the request will be routed to their immediate supervisor for approval. The request will then be routed to the IT Services managers for Security & Identity, and Customer Service Center. This approval process may take 3-5 days.