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Report Card - Student Printing

The quality of our student printing service is always an important discussion topic for IT Services. Printing technology is also of top importance for our enrolled students. In 2009 Glen Morgan, Manager of Customer Service Centers, and Kathy Skurzewski, Supervisor of Student Labs, began working toward improved printing for students on the IPFW campus.

That year 52 new HP printers, now located in 40 locations on campus, replaced old printers. The new printers fixed an ongoing problem that students had printing PDF documents. Students experienced a big improvement in reliability and speed of printing with the printer upgrade.

Some additional goals/concerns of IT Services remained:

  1. Environmental, cutting down on wastage.
  2. Accountability, knowledge of where and what we print.
  3. Cost savings, reduce spending so that the amount of funds saved would add additional funds for student technology improvements.

PaperCut was chosen as the best solution to meet these goals and was implemented at the start of the 2011 academic year. PaperCut has been active for two semesters.

IT support personnel and students are both satisfied with the results:

  • PaperCut has proved reliable and efficient.
  • Student complaints about printing problems have been reduced.
  • The number of pages printed has been reduced by more than  30%.
  • Student Lab printers have required fewer repairs.
  • Student Lab printers take less time to manage and maintain.
  • Cost savings have enabled additional technology services for students.

Printer cost savings enabled purchase of these additional technologies:

  • 2 iMacs for the Music lab.
  • Pilot software and services for Tegrity (Lecture Capture) and the new Media Vault.
  • Web printing from personal devices to select student lab printers.

Future printing improvements planned:

  • Additional Web printers to be located in campus common student meeting areas.
  • Color printing for students using a differential charge structure for b/w versus color printing.

IT Services encourages students and campus employees to bring questions, suggestions, or concerns about printing at IPFW to the IT Services Help Desk.

Detailed Statistics by semester:


End of Fall Semester 2010:
  • 2.9 million pages printed.
  • 10,263 students (73% of students) used lab printers.
  • 37% reduction in pages printed when comparing previous fall semester.
  • Impact for students:
  • Less than 1% of students needed to purchase additional pages.
  • The top 2% of students printing accounted for 8% of the total printing.

Note: Prior to using PaperCut 2% of the students did 25% of the printing.


End of the Spring Term report:
  • 35% reduction in pages printed as compared to spring 2010.
  • Impact for Students:
    • Students benefited this spring by the page roll-over policy that allowed students to add up to 200 unused pages from the fall semester to the spring semester quota.
    • Only 56 students (.06% of student enrollment) needed to purchase additional pages.