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Networked Software Request Form

  • After submitting this form, you will receive a tracking number via e-mail.
  • Send or deliver installation discs, files, etc. to the Help Desk. Include your tracking number with the software.
  • Please provide all software and instructions 2 weeks before it's needed to assure adequate time for installation.
  • Direct all questions to Jacob Pitcher at 481-0682.
Requestor Information
Note: Requests for software installs can only be made by IPFW employees.
Software Information
All students in the IT Services computer labs
Faculty and staff in their offices
Faculty and staff in classroom labs or on instructor stations
Only a specific school or department:
New Install
Update/upgrade to existing software
Concurrent user limit
Unlimited site license
Windows 7 (Employee Workstation)
Windows 7 (Student Workstation)
** (Mac software can only be used in NF B73, VA 205, VA 211, VA 212, & Studio M)
Dates Available
Note: Please provide all software and instructions 2 weeks before it's needed to assure adequate time for installation. Please put an actual date, and not ASAP, in the date field.
End of Semester

The requestor is required to provide license information along with the request to install software. When providing proprietary software, the instructor assumes responsibility for providing license restriction details regarding the number of concurrent (simultaneous) users and other legal limitations that might pertain to the legal use of the product on campus. Please specify these restrictions when completing this form.

ACITAS or ADCAC must approve requests for campus-wide software. ITPC must also approve, if funding is needed.

The requestor must provide IT Services with all installation manuals in addition to the software installation discs/files. This material will be returned to you upon completion of the installation process.

Due to the unique configuration of our network environment, not all applications may run successfully. For example, some workstations may have lesser capabilities (e.g., CPU or memory levels) than your software requires. IT Services will make every reasonable effort to accomodate the request in keeping with supporting the IPFW mission. IT Services reserves the right to reject or modify the installation of any package that, for technical reasons, will not run on our system, or disrupt core application and/or network services. In such cases, the requestor will be contacted. In this event, responsibility for providing access to the software application reverts to the requestor.

I have read and understand my responsibilities, as defined by the guidelines.