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Account Modification Form

Some account changes require you to be logged completely out of your account for 4 hours to be completed. If this is the case, you will be contacted to set up a date and time for your modification to take place.

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Change my username to match my new name.
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Your name needs to be changed at HR and the Registrar's office FIRST.
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You will be responsible for notifying people of the change.
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This will change the departmental computer access you have--O drive, dept web space, printers, etc.
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Please enter building and room.
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Your title needs to be changed at HR FIRST.
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For IU Affiliate Accounts: You will be required to submit an Acceptable Use Agreement online form after your IU Affiliate Account information is given to you.
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IU Admin Systems
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Termination-Immediately remove all departmental and university resources.
Please fill out appropriate HR paperwork to officially separate the individual.
*Enter the employees' termination time & date in the Additional Information box
Enter additional information not covered above.
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