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What's Unavailable/Different in Outlook

Features that are Different/Unavailable in Outlook

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  1. Outlook allows for viewing multiple proxy calendars in an overlay view.  There is no equivalent to GroupWise's Multi-User View, where each person's calendar appears in a column view.
  2. Outlook will allow you to retract a message silently if it has not been opened by the recipient.  However, if it has been opened, the recipient will receive a notice that you tried to retract the message.
  3. When you send a message to someone in Outlook, you can ask for a return receipt to track if a message has been opened.  In GroupWise, sent message tracking was very granular and allowed you to see when a message was opened, replied to, deleted, etc.  This granularity is not available in Outlook.
  4. Recurring appointments in Outlook must be based on a daily, weekly, monthly pattern.  There is no option to randomly choose dates for recurring appointments as there was in GroupWise.
  5. The concept of a reminder note does not exist in Outlook.  Existing reminder notes in GroupWise will migrate as all day appointments in Outlook.