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What's Unavailable/Different in Outlook

Features that are Different/Unavailable in Outlook

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  1. Outlook allows for viewing multiple proxy calendars in an overlay view.  There is no equivalent to GroupWise's Multi-User View, where each person's calendar appears in a column view.
  2. Outlook will allow you to retract a message silently if it has not been opened by the recipient.  However, if it has been opened, the recipient will receive a notice that you tried to retract the message.
  3. When you send a message to someone in Outlook, you can ask for a return receipt to track if a message has been opened.  In GroupWise, sent message tracking was very granular and allowed you to see when a message was opened, replied to, deleted, etc.  This granularity is not available in Outlook.
  4. Recurring appointments in Outlook must be based on a daily, weekly, monthly pattern.  There is no option to randomly choose dates for recurring appointments as there was in GroupWise.
  5. The concept of a reminder note does not exist in Outlook.  Existing reminder notes in GroupWise will migrate as all day appointments in Outlook. 
  6. Archives are no longer available in Outlook as they were in GoupWise. It is recommended that users develop their own folder and storage structure.