Information Technology Services

What Will and Won't Migrate to Office 365

For the items that don't migrate automatically, pre-migration and post-migration documentation will be available for you to mitigate the loss of data.

These things will migrate automatically:

  • Mail less than 3 years old from both live mail and personal archives*
  • Your personal address book (contacts and distribution lists)
  • Proxy settings
  • Current calendar items through 12/31/2014

These will not migrate automatically:

  • Any messages older than 3 years from both live mail and personal archives*
  • Rules
  • Signatures
  • Shares on folders, address books, and calendars
  • Novell Instant Messenger buddy lists
  • Novell Instant Messenger chat logs

These will not be migrated:

  • Addresses and distribution lists in Frequent Contacts
  • Past calendar appointments
  • Future calendar appointments beyond 12/31/2014
  • Items in Trash, Junk Mail or spam folders
  • Messages larger than 25MB

*You may opt for more mail by filling out the online form that was sent on June 30.  Contact the Help Desk ( if you didn't receive this form or no longer have it.