Information Technology Services

Post-move Instructions

Logging In

Don't forget, when you log into anything related to Office 365, always use your email address ( as your username.

  • Webmail: Log in to myIPFW or go to on any computer, anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Windows: Install Outlook on your computer (this will uninstall GroupWise since Outlook and GroupWise don't play well on the same PC)
  • Mac: Using Outlook or Outlook Web Access is recommended.  If you have Microsoft Office installed, you already have Outlook.  You will just need to add your IPFW account.
  • From Home: Outlook or Outlook Web Access can be used at home.
  • POP/IMAP: While POP/IMAP works with Office 365, it is not recommended by Microsoft since it is slower and not as full featured. Also, because of the variety of clients, IT Services cannot support POP/IMAP beyond verifying that the server settings are entered correctly.
  • GroupWise Museum View: Until we are fully through the conversion, you will have access to view older mail in GroupWise.  This is meant to be used as reference, not as a means for you to extend your use of GroupWise.  If you send mail in GroupWise after cut-over weekend, it will be lost!


Mobile Device Setup


Recreating Content

  1. Recreate your signature.
  2. Recreate appointments that were scheduled for 2015.  Consider deleting and recreating recurring appointments for 2014 as well, since they will no longer function as linked appointments once migrated.
  3. Recreate the shares you had on your GroupWise folders, address books and calendars.
  4. Recreate the rules you documented from GroupWise.
  5. Install Lync instant messenger client and recreate your instant messenger buddy lists.
  6. Evaluate proxy rights (called delegate in Outlook) you have granted others.  The options available in GroupWise are different in Outlook.