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Folders, address books and calendars that are shared with others will migrate to Office 365, but you will need to re-share them.

Identifying shared folders, address books and calendars

Shared folders, address books and calendars can all be identified the same way.  They all have a "person" on the icon.  A person with a blue shirt indicates you are the owner; a person with a red shirt indicates someone else is the owner.

Shared folder example Shared address book example Shared calendar example
Shared Folder
Shared Address Book
"Help Desk Staff"
Shared Calendar
"Training Sessions"
  1. Go through your folders, address books and calendars, looking for shared objects.
  2. Right-click each and choose Sharing.
  3. Write down (or take screen captures) of who the owner is and each person that has access.  Technically, you only need to do this for objects you own, but if there are important items, you should contact the owner and make sure they do their part to document.

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