Information Technology Services

Vacation Rules

No action needs to be taken for vacation rules.  There is an "Out of office assistant" in Outlook that can be used to recreate a vacation rule.  If you want to capture the text of the email auto-responder to reuse it:

  1. In GroupWise, click Tools > Vacation Rule.
  2. Copy the text of the message to paste into an email to yourself or save it in a Word document to your Desktop or other location.

Other Rules

  1. In GroupWise, click Tools > Rules.
  2. Double-click one of your rules (excluding vacation rules).
  3. Make a screen capture of the screen that appears since it shows an overview of what the rule does and under what conditions.
  4. Check the bottom of the screen for the actions.  If the action is to send a message, you will need to capture the contents of the message as well.

IT Services plans to make access to GroupWise available for a period of time after the conversion.  During that time, it will be possible open GroupWise and Outlook for a side-by-side comparison, at which point rules can be recreated in Outlook.

Contact the Help Desk, 260-481-6030, if you need assistance.