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Copy Frequent Contacts

The Frequent Contacts address book tends to be full of incorrect and duplicate addresses.  Because of this, the Frequent Contacts address book will not be migrated to Office 365.

Viewing a True Representation of your Address Books

Note that the way Frequent Contacts are displayed from your main GroupWise window is misleading.  It tends to show your other address books as being nested inside Frequent Contacts.  This is not correct.  To view a true representation of your address books, click the Address Book button on the toolbar.

Image of which address book to use

When you click the Address Book toolbar button, you will see a proper representation of the structure of your address books:

Correct view of address books

Make a Disaster Recovery Backup of Your Addresses

These instructions are highly recommended for everyone, especially those who sync their phone to GroupWise and use their GroupWise contacts on their phone.  To make sure nothing is lost, use these steps to make a full backup of all your contacts.  These backups are not to be imported into Outlook.  They are meant to be for disaster recovery only.  If you need to use them after the migration because you are missing contacts, contact the Help Desk.

  1. From the main GroupWise window, click the Address Book button on the toolbar.
  2. Right-click your Frequent Contacts address book and choose Export.
  3. Browse to a location to save the file such as your Desktop or I drive.
  4. Enter Frequent Contacts as the file name and click Save.
  5. Repeat for your personal address book (the one with your name) and any other books you want to back up, except the Novell GroupWise Address Book.  DO NOT export the Novell GroupWise Address Book with the intention of importing it into your Office 365 contacts.  This will cause major issues.
  6. Store these files in a safe location.  You will only need to access them if you are missing contacts after the migration.

Move or Copy Addresses from Frequent Contacts

To have addresses from your Frequent Contacts migrated to Office 365, copy or move them to your personal address book (the one named with your name).  You can click and drag single or multiple contacts at a time.

If there are duplicates, you should then go into your personal address book and resolve them.

Contact the Help Desk, 260-481-6030, if you need assistance.