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Back Up Your Calendar

First check your calendar to see how far back your appointments go and whether you have any appointments in your local archive.  Because of different archive settings, it is possible that you may not have any appointments older than 60 days or if you do, they may be in your archive.  These settings are customizable and can be different for each person.

This will make a PDF copy of your entire calendar for historical reference.

  1. In the main GroupWise window, click File > Print > Print Calendar.
  2. On the Form tab, select Week, and then under Available forms, choose Weekly Text Calendar.
  3. On the Content tab, change the Starting date and enter an appropriate Number of weeks.  It's recommended that you do no more than 26 weeks at a time.
  4. Under Content, check the boxes for Appointments, Tasks and/or Notes.  Which options you choose are up to you.
  5. Click the Printer Setup button and make sure Adobe PDF is set as your printer.  If you do not have the Adobe PDF printer, contact the Help Desk.
  6. Click Print.
  7. Repeat this as many times as needed to capture past and future appointments.  Each time, confirm the PDF printer is still selected so you don't accidentally print paper copies.  The output could be 50+ pages.

Contact the Help Desk, 260-481-6030, if you need assistance.