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Finding Large Messages

Searching for Mail

Office 365 does not allow for messages over 25MB in size.  Before migration, you will need to locate these messages, save the files, and then delete the message.  Use the following steps to find messages larger than 25MB in your mailbox. Consider searching for 24MB, just in case there are messages very close to 25MB.

Note that these instructions do not work in GroupWise webmail.  You will need access to a computer with GroupWise installed to complete these steps.  If you do not have a campus computer, there are computers at the Help Desk you can use.

  1. In GroupWise, open a new search by clicking the magnifying glass icon on the toolbar or by clicking Tools > Find.
  2. Click the Advanced Find button at the bottom of the window.
  3. In the first drop-down choose Size.
    1. If you don't see Size, click All Fields and find Size in the list.
  4. In the second drop-down choose Greater Than or Equal To.
  5. In the third, type 25000000 (or 24000000).
  6. Click OK > OK.
    1. The search will begin.
  7. Save the attachments from each message and then delete the message.  If it's important to correlate the text of the message with the attachment(s) print a PDF copy of the message to be stored with the attachment(s).
  8. Repeat these steps in your archive.

Time saver: After running the search, click the 2nd button on the toolbar (a folder icon with an arrow and a magnifying glass). In the Name box, enter: 25+ MB Messages. Click Finish. This will save the search as a folder in your cabinet. The next time you want to run the search, just click that folder and it will generate an updated list. The search query does not need to be recreated each time.

Contact the Help Desk, 260-481-6030, if you need assistance.