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Information Technology Services

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will my email address stay the same?
    • Yes, your email address will remain the same.
  • Will I log into my email the same way?
    • On office computers, instead of a GroupWise icon, you will have an Outlook icon.
    • In myIPFW or webmail.ipfw.edu, you will log in with your email address and password rather than your username and password.  This is because the the web site for Outlook Web Access (OWA) is for all users of Office 365 and not just IPFW.  You must provide your email address as your username so it knows to log you into IPFW's email.
  • Will I get an increase on the size of my mailbox?
    • Yes, everyone will receive a 50GB mailbox.  Currently most GroupWise mailboxes are 750MB. You will start getting warnings once you get close to the 50GB limit, At 49.9GB, you will no longer be able to send new emails. At 50GB, you will no longer be able to send or receive new emails.
  • Will all my mail migrate to Office 365?
    • By default, 3 years of mail will be migrated for all users.  If you want a longer time period than that, contact the Help Desk.
  • What will automatically migrate to Office 365?
  • Do I get to keep mail from my personal archives?
  • Will have personal archives in Office 365?
    • No.  Because mailboxes are 50GB in Office 365, there is no need to store messages in a local archive.  
  • Will I still have access to GroupWise and my GroupWise archives after the migration?
    • Yes, but only for a brief period of time.  Once we are satisfied data has migrated correctly, access to GroupWise and your GroupWise archives will be eliminated.  Do not store items in your GroupWise archives with the expectation that you will have long term access.  GroupWise archives are in a proprietary and encrypted format that can only be read with the GroupWise software.
  • Will I still have mobile access?
    • Yes, mobile access will still be available for iOS, Android, Windows, and BlackBerry.  You will need to add a new account to your device though.
  • Why are we changing email systems?
    • Faculty and staff have been on GroupWise since 1999.  It was time to objectively evaluate our email system and whether or not it was still the best choice for IPFW.  After research and discussions, Office 365 (Exchange/Outlook in the cloud) was selected as our new email system.