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Cool Features of Office 2013

Features of Office 365

  • 50 GB mail boxes for everyone
  • Outlook Web Access and Outlook 2013 are designed to look and work the same way.  Outlook software has many more features than web access, but once you are accustomed to using one, using the other is just as easy.
  • You can use the Outlook software from home after only a brief setup.  You must have Outlook installed on your computer first.  Download Microsoft Office from IUware via myIPFW if you don't have it.
  • Setting up most mobile devices to read your IPFW email is quick and easy.
  • Lync instant messenger (part of the Microsoft 2013 Office suite) fully integrates with your mail and calendar.  When you have an appointment on your calendar, your chat status will automatically be set to "Busy" during the appointment time.