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About Larrie Stoffer

Photo of Larrie Stoffer

  • Team: Applications Engineering
  • Title: Database Usage Analyst
  • Location: KT 209B
  • Phone: 481-6956
  • Email: stoffer@ipfw.edu

Larrie's working career began as a TV and radio repair technician. He then joined the USAF and held positions as both a computer operator and programmer. He left the active military and began civilian employment with IPFW. He completed the remainder of his military career serving with the Indiana Air National Guard (IN ANG) and is now a retired Master Sergeant (MSgt).

In 1999, Larrie completed an A.S. in General Studies from IPFW.
Larrie has served the department since December of 1986. He has worked in several positions, initially as an operator, then as a Senior P/A, and since December of 2000, as a Database Usage Analyst (DBUA). As DBUA, Larrie's primary tasks have involved research and acquisition of internet and database development tools, development of related methodology and technical standards, and coordination of staff training.

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