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About Jan Nichols

Photo of Jan Nichols

  • Team: Security and Identity
  • Title: Systems Access Support Coordinator
  • Location: KT 207E
  • Phone: 481-6032
  • Email: nichols@ipfw.edu

Many dedicated individuals associated with IT Services help to resolve the computing problems reported to the Help Desk. Jan Nichols, Coordinator of Administrative Computing in Systems Access Support since 1986, serves as a liaison to users of the IPFW administrative systems. Jan worked primarily on keypunching student registration cards at the onset of her employment with IT Services. She later became a computer operator and was promoted to operations coordinator shortly thereafter. Because of her length of service here at the university, Jan understands the application systems and is familiar with faculty and staff - including the computer programmers and technicians. "She is able to give more support because of this knowledge," said Mark Franke, Assistant Comptroller. A few of the many important aspects of Jan's job include coordinating account s, maintaining the security of those accounts, and understanding the specific requirements of each system. In addition, she assists individuals in solving problems with system access. According to Franke, "Jan is very tenacious ... she makes the needs of the users known and stays in touch until those needs have been met."

Working with the Shared User SIS+ Implementation Committee, Jan helped establish what was needed to make SIS security work most efficiently for the users. "SIS provides screen security, which means you can only access information on those students who are registered with your department," Jan said.

Handling the many aspects of administrative computing at IPFW requires both technical knowledge and the ability to cover a wide range of systems. For example, student, financial, and human resource records are maintained at the appropriate main campus - Indiana University, Bloomington, or Purdue University, West Lafayette - as well as IPFW.

C.C. Fullove, former Assistant Director of Admissions, feels that many people involved the technical aspect of computers have lost touch with some of their communication skills. "Jan, however, enhances communication," Fullove said. "She is very personable and patient when it comes to helping administrative, users."

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