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About Gabriela Mosquera

  • Photo of Gaby MosqueraTeam: Security, Policy, and Planning; User Technology Support
  • Title: Student Worker
  • Location: KT 205A
  • Phone: 481-0126
  • Email: mosquerg@ipfw.edu

Gabriela Mosquera (Gaby) joined IT Services on April of 2012. She is pursuing a dual degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering, with minors in physics and mathematics. Previously, she worked for CASA (Center for Academic Success and Achievement) here at IPFW. There she tutored Math, autoCAD, and Spanish.

Gaby loves travelling around the world and looks forward to reunite with her family whenever possible. On her free time she likes to play tennis, go to the gym, watch movies, and share with friends. Gaby loves animals and has 4 pets: Benny (Yorkie), Ricky (cat), Sheldon (turtle), and Babi (Sand Boa).

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