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About Amy Carter

Photo of Amy Carter

  • Team: IT Infrastructure Engineering / Desktop Platform Installs
  • Title: Desktop Installation Coordinator and Supervisor
  • Location: KT B19
  • Phone: 481-5458
  • Email:

Amy is the computer and printer installs coordinator. Previously, she worked 11 years in Operations.
In 2001, Amy started working full time at the Help Desk but much of her time was spent on
installation of new computers, printers, and department office updates/moves. In 2005, she became
the full-time coordinator of installs.  In 2007 she added the responsibility of BlackBerry and smartphone
support with our Novell GroupWise e-mail system. She really enjoys what she does and plans on many
more years with IT Services.

Amy enjoys spending time with her son Ian and husband Jean-Paul. She is also a Mary Kay consultant.
Most of all, Amy loves spending time at the lake fishing and relaxing with family and friends.

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