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Technology FAQ's for Faculty


Where can I find information on technologies that support teaching and learning at IPFW?
Visit the web site for the Instructional Technology Coordinating Committee, ITCO.
How do I get wireless on campus?
You must configure your laptop or phone before you can connect. Steps are based on your operating system.
How do I email an entire class?
The two easiest ways of emailing an entire class are either through OASIS or eLearning.
Which classrooms have permanent computers?
A list of classrooms with instructor stations can be found at: permanent computer.
What is eLearning or Blackboard?
eLearning is IPFW's online course management system, used for online classes as well as to suppliment face to face classes. The product used to deliver eLearning is called Blackboard Vista.  Access to eLearning is available via myIPFW.
What computer training is available to faculty?
IT Services provides face to face training for groups or individuals as well as online materials such as documentation and video tutorials.
Do I have personal web space?
By default, faculty do not have personal web space.  However, getting web space is as simple as calling or emailing the Help Desk with your request.
What software is available to faculty?
Because each license varies, software availability differs in campus offices, classrooms and labs.  Some software is also available for personal purchase.
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