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 Pell Grant Recipents are eligible for The Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship   Program - Up to $5,000 for the Academic Year, $4,000 for fall and spring programs, and $3,000 for summer programs.  Due March 1  View Gilman Videos    View Webinar Schedule  Gilman Applicant Newsletter
Ireland Go Overseas Scholarship
Application Deadline: March 4, 2016 | Learn More
Education Ireland and Go Overseas have teamed up to offer two $15,000 scholarships for study in Ireland. The scholarship’s aim is to encourage more students to consider studying abroad in Ireland, a country that is not only highly accessible to U.S. students, but offers a friendly place for students to receive a high quality education in a wide range of disciplines. 

#GoStudyAbroad - Win 10,0000 Scholarship #GenerationStudyAbroad Due March 31

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Funding your Study Abroad Program

The cost of studying abroad varies by program. Many IPFW students use some sort of financial aid to study abroad. Financial aid is defined as any source of funding for an academic program of study that comes from a source other than you or your parents. This could come in the form of Pell grants, Stafford Loans, Parent PLUS Loans or work study. It could also come in the form of scholarships from a private foundation or public institution. Most students will combine aid from a number of different sources to cover the costs of study abroad.

This website provides links to a number of scholarship, and fellowship resources. Please contact the Office of International Education first discuss financial resources while studying abroad and then with your financial aid advisor.

Financial Aid

Students who receive an aid package from federal and state sources may be eligible to apply this aid toward a study abroad program. Support from financial aid varies based on a number of factors such as remaining aid eligibility, program costs, length of stay and type of program. The Office of Financial Aid determines which study abroad programs are approved for financial aid. Please do not hesitate to contact the Office of Financial Aid in Kettler 103 at (260)481-6243.

  • Federal Aid : Applied towards almost all approved programs - IPFW, ISEP, IU/Purdue, and 3rd partry
  • State Aid: Can be applied towards IPFW, ISEP Exchange, and IU/Purdue or other state university programs
  • IPFW Aid: such as CMA, 21st Century, Department scholarships can be applied towards IPFW and ISEP Exchagne programs


There are a number of scholarships available for study abroad programs. We provide a short list of links to different scholarship opportunities in the scholarship tab, but we also advise that you visit The Institute of International Education for more study abroad funding information.  Follow our Pintrest Scholarship board to find more than 40 different scholarships that are updated regularly.

Need help with your scholarship essay?

For further help with competitive scholarships and advise please visit The Office of Major Scholarship Advisement (OMSA)  which is the central coordinating IPFW office providing information, advice, and support to students who wish to apply for nationally competitive major scholarships.

General Reference Websites - Use these search engines and guides to find scholarships that may apply towards you or your program of choice.  


  • NAFSA Financial Aid & Study Abroad: Basic Facts for Students


Get Creative

You could also raise money on your own by asking family and friends to contribute to fundraising goals.  Use an online crowd funding site like Fund My Travel

Check out more creative ideas from the University of Kentucky Study Abroad such as selling photos from abroad or writing articles for a local paper.

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