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Funding your Study Abroad Program

Join us for an information session on How to Afford Study Abroad Monday, Jan 23 12-1 in WU G21

The cost of studying abroad varies by program with details like time, location, term, and courses to consider.

Many IPFW students use some sort of financial aid to study abroad. Financial aid is defined as any source of funding for an academic program of study that comes from a source other than you or your parents. This could come in the form of Pell grants, Stafford Loans, or Parent PLUS Loans. It could also come in the form of scholarships from a private foundation or public institution. Most students will combine aid from a number of different sources to cover the costs of study abroad.

This website provides links to a number of scholarship, and fellowship resources. Please contact the Office of International Education first discuss financial resources while studying abroad and then with your financial aid advisor.

Featured Scholarships of the Month/Upcoming Deadlines:


Phi Kappa Phi Honors Study Abroad Grant

- 75 grants of $1,000 awarded nationwide.  Online application available Dec 15 and due Feb 15 for Summer and Fall programs.  


  • Does not need to be a member of Phi Kappa Phi
  • Must have at least 3.75 GPA (3.74 does not qualify) 

Boren Award 

  • The application for the 2017 Boren Awards is now open at!
  • Boren Awards fund U.S. undergraduate and graduate language study and research abroad in world regions critical to U.S. national interests (including Africa, Asia, Central & Eastern Europe, Eurasia, Latin America, and the Middle East). The countries of Western Europe, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand are excluded.
  • The Boren Scholarships provide up to $20,000 for undergraduate students for language-focused study abroad.
  • The Boren Fellowships provide up to $30,000 for graduate students to fund language study, graduate-level research, and academic internships abroad.
  • For 2017, we are continuing to feature regional language initiatives in Africa and South Asia:
    • The African Flagship Languages Initiative (AFLI) offers Boren Awards applicants a special opportunity to study African languages and cultures by participating in domestic and overseas language programs in French, Portuguese, Swahili, Wolof or Zulu.
    • The South Asian Flagship Languages Initiative (SAFLI) offers Boren Awards applicants the special opportunity to study Hindi or Urdu by participating in domestic and overseas language programs in India. SAFLI is appropriate for applicants with no language proficiency, as well as those with intermediate and advanced proficiency in Hindi or Urdu.
    • More information on AFLI and SAFLI is available at
  • Program alumni apply the skills they learn abroad to careers in international affairs with the federal government, and receive preferential hiring consideration for many federal jobs. 
  • Webinars on aspects of the Boren Awards, including special regional initiatives and components of the application are scheduled throughout the fall and spring. Sign up today at Additional information on preferred countries, languages, and fields of study can be found at

Other upcoming dates:

  • Fulbright UK Summer institute:  FREE summer in UK for freshmen & soph with 3.5 GPA Due mid-late Feb. 
  • ISEP Exchange Programs - Affordable Immersion Experience for IPFW Tuition, Housing, Meals (~ 9,000 + financial aid applies)   Over 200 programs in 50 different countries available through ISEP  Priority Deadline: February for Fall or AY
  • IPFW Seoul Women's University - BIP – Bahrom International Program is a 4-week summer program in Seoul, South Korea.  The program is conducted in English, and is an “experience Korea” cultural program. Cost : $300 total  Deadline: February
  • IPFW University of Miyazaki Program – Only 900 + airfare – Japanese Language and Culture at all levels for 3 weeks in summerDeadline: Approximately February or March
  • IPFW Study Abroad Scholarship:  3/25 for Summer, fall, and next Spring
  • Freeman-Asia award - must be U.S. citizen studying in East or Southeast Asia + language study for at least 8 weeks in summer or a semester program Due March 1 - Summer or April 1 - Fall
  • Check our Facebook page for #MoneyMonday for weekly scholarship/fundraising ideas and follow our Pinterest Board for more.  Also review our How to Afford Study Abroad Powerpoint

Financial Aid

Students who receive an aid package from federal and state sources may be eligible to apply this aid toward a study abroad program. Support from financial aid varies based on a number of factors such as remaining aid eligibility, program costs, length of stay and type of program. The Office of Financial Aid determines which study abroad programs are approved for financial aid. Please do not hesitate to contact the Office of Financial Aid in Kettler 103 at (260)481-6820.


There are 3 main categories for study abroad: IPFW programs, IU, PU State University programs, and approved 3rd party provider programs (see for all options)   Note that if a student is not charged IPFW rates for any aspect of their trip, they will need to fill out a consortium agreement  by 4/15 or 11/1  

Use this Financial Aid Worksheet to determine how your aid might work for you. 


Type of Aid

IPFW & Exchange Programs

IU/Purdue/Other state programs

3rd Party programs including Direct

Federal Aid




State Aid

Yes , including Child of a veteran or Public Service Officer

Yes - Child of a veteran Aid would need to be set up at Host School


IPFW based scholarships

Yes – including 21st century



Institutional Scholarships

Yes – including Chapman, Doermer’s & Chancellor’s

only Chapman, Doermer, and Chancellor’s


Outside scholarships


Per donor

Per donor

Scholarships for Education Abroad 

Need help with your scholarship essay?

For further help with competitive scholarships and advise please visit The Office of Major Scholarship Advisement (OMSA)  which is the central coordinating IPFW office providing information, advice, and support to students who wish to apply for nationally competitive major scholarships.

General Reference Websites - Use these search engines and guides to find scholarships that may apply towards you or your program of choice.  



Get Creative

You could also raise money on your own by asking family and friends to contribute to fundraising goals.  Use an online crowd funding site like Fund My Travel

Check out more creative ideas from the University of Kentucky Study Abroad such as selling photos from abroad or writing articles for a local paper.

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