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Returning to the U.S.

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Returning from Abroad Lunch Workshop: Friday September 2 11:30-1 in WU G21

Coming Home

The Office of International Education is thrilled you participated in a study abroad program. But, do not let your international experience end when you return. Share your ideas, experiences, stories, photos, and knowledge of new cultures with other interested students and the general IPFW community. The Office of Career Services will also aid you in marketing your study abroad program to potential employers in interviews and on your resume. For information, visit the Office of Career Services.

Get Involved!

Volunteer – The Office of International Education always needs volunteers for its annual Study Abroad fair, classroom presentations, and other campus events. If you are interested in participating, contact us via email at or (260)481-6494.

International Photo Contest – The Department of International Languages and Cultures host an annual international photography contest.

Global Mastodons Peer Advisory Council – Join the International Education team so that you can share your experience with IPFW by becoming a member of the Global AmbassaDONS Peer Advisory Council. Contact us in Walb Union 145 or at (260)481-6494 for more information.

Get Published – There are tons of opportunities for you to publish a manuscript about your experience. Transitions Abroad and Abroad View routinely seek submissions for publication from returned students.

IPFW International Buddy Program – Remember when you were the new international student and you did not know anyone. The Office of International Education is always looking for volunteers to assist with its international student orientation and help international students adjust to life in Fort Wayne, IN. This Buddy Program gives students an opportunity to have a multi-cultural experience. The only requirements are commitment and a friendly attitude.

Tell Us Your Story – The Office of International Education would love to hear about your experience and we welcome you to make a re-evaluation appointment with us. Your opinions and suggestions about the program and how to improve it in the future are greatly appreciated.

Go Abroad Again – Many returned students come home with a desire to do it all over again, either in the same country, or somewhere new. The Office of International Education is eager to assist you in selecting another program that will compliment your academic and professional goals and your personality. 

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