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Where should you go? The world is your oyester.

IPFW students have the opportunity to study overseas in over 300 programs. Students can study in a traditional classroom setting or participate in service learning projects while abroad. Program durations range from one week to one summer session to a semester to an academic year. Click here for an explanation of types of programs.

When selecting a program, keep in mind the following:


  • What is most important to you when considering studying abroad: location, culture, academics, etc.?


  • Where do you want to learn? Do you have a prefered country, region, etc?
  • Are you fluent in any foreign languages?
  • How long are you looking to stay abroad?
  • What is the price of the program, is it within your budget, and will you need financial aid? 


  • Is your GPA high enough to study abroad?
  • Are you able to follow instruction in a foreign language or will you need to study in English?
  • Is it necessary to get academic credit for your experience?
  • Are you required to meet specific academic requirements while studying abroad?
  • Have you met with your academic advisor and what do he/she suggest?

Learning Style

  • Are you looking for a program that requires a great deal of independence, or would you prefer a program in which many of the arrangements are made by a program director?
  • Are you able to  adapt to different styles of learning?

Personal Needs

  • Are you capable of arranging your own living requirements (housing, food, travel, etc.) or would you like the program to assist you?
  • Who do you want to live with? American or foreign students, a family, or on your own?

Geographic Interests

  • What countries, cultures, and languages interest you?
  • How immersed in the culture do you want to be?
  • Is there something happening in the world today that you want to learn more about?

Financial Issues

  • How much can you afford to spend?
  • Do you need to retain financial aid eligibility to finance your program?
  • Do you want to explore family roots?
  • Are there historical or current factors in places around the world that may impact your experience there?

Career Path

  • How important is an internship?
  • Do you have the language skills for an internship in your field?
  • What will help your graduate/professional school applications or make your resume stand out?