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ISEP Study Abroad

ISEP_10_TrueBlueStudy Abroad with ISEP - International Student Exchange Program

For more information about ISEP program options and university members, please visit the ISEP website: and make an appointment with the Study Abroad Advisor (WU 145) to discuss options further.

Click here for more information from ISEP.


  • Immersion experience
  • Affordable
  • Tuition, room, and board included in price
  • Access to a wide range of courses
  • Internationalizes your campus

Where Can I go?

ISEP offers programs with two different types of fees- Exchange and Direct:

Here are the major differences:


What’s the Difference?

ISEP Exchange  

ISEP Direct


Who do I pay and how much?

Pay IPFW Tuition Housing, Meals to IPFW Student Account  (Don’t pay abroad)

 16-17 Estimated Fee Sheet

- Pay host institution tuition housing meals to ISEP Exchange  - Pay nothing to IPFW


Does my financial aid apply?

    Most financial aid should apply including federal, state, and IPFW aid  

Federal financial aid (Pell grant, loans)  will apply, not IPFW aid (such as Chancellor’s, 21st cent. )


How competitive is it?

Chance of placement can be lower especially in England      

Chance of placement is usually excellent


Are there scholarships available?

Eligible for a lot of other study abroad scholarships       

Eligible for a lot of other study abroad scholarships

What classes do I take?

Usually regular classes with host country students            

Either regular classes or specialized programs/themes such as international studies, language, summer

When do I apply?

February 8 for Fall or Academic Year then rolling

August 25 for Spring then rolling

February – April for Fall or Academic Year

September – November 1 for Spring


  • Completed at least two full semesters on a college campus, at least one semester at IPFW
  • Full time IPFW student in good academic and social standing
  • Minimum 2.75 cumulative GPA, some programs may be higher
  • Have the personal maturity needed to study abroad

How to Apply

  • IPFW Study Abroad Application
  • ISEP Application online - turn in to Office of International Education
    • Host Site / Course Requests - Work with Office of International Education, academic advisor and IPFW departments for transfer credit requests
    • Language Proficiency Report (for non English speaking classes)
    • Personal Statement
    • 1-2 recommendation letters from IPFW faculty
    • Official Transcripts
  • Application fees - $395 for Exchange semester or academic year - 1 site or $495 for 2 sites


Priority Deadline:

        Fall and Academic Year: February 8

        Spring : August 25

 Summer: Varies by program

Students are eligible to apply for programs after the priority deadline based on availability