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Why is international experience valuable for French?

What classes can I take abroad?

When can I go?

Where can I go? 

How can I afford it?

How do I get started?

Why go abroad to learn French?

What better way to experience and learn by living and studying in another region of the world? Experience what it is like to be a minority, gain more cultural perspectives, and make a connection with a variety of people from all around the world. Take the chance to develop yourself and your career prospects.

79% of people in the United States agree that students should have a study abroad experience sometime during college, but only 1% of students from the United States currently study abroad each year. Do you want to be the top 1%? Study Abroad!

  • Go beyond the classroom with culture, food, and history
  • Live with a host family
  • Fulfill requirements quickly by taking 3-5 courses at once
  • Immersion in a host country is incomprable for speaking skills
  • Develop career skills and contacts
  • Learn more about diversity


The Government Supports Students Studying Abroad

 "Studying abroad isn't just an important part of a well-rounded educational experience. It's also becoming increasingly important for success in the modern global economy."  - Michelle Obama, January 19, 2011

First Lady Michelle Obama spoke on the campus of Howard University on January 19, 2011 about the 100,00 Strong China Study Abroad Initiative. The initiative is a national effort designed to increase dramatically the number and diversify the composition of American students studying in China. The Chinese government has already committed 10,000 “Bridge Scholarships” for American students to study in China. The initiative also seeks to develop specific opportunities and funding sources for underrepresented students to study in China. Learn more.

“Traveling abroad is the last steps you can take to becoming truly proficient in any language and I felt it was time to take that step.” - Allen Arias,Spanish Major who studied in Costa Rica


What classes can I take?

 Students will find a wide variety of courses offered throughout the world.  With careful planning, students are able to transfer courses back to IPFW to fulfill degree requirements.  Elective classes are often easier to transfer back, but students are still able to fulfill degree requirements abroad.  Some students also choose to take the opportunity to complete an internship to enhance their resume and boost their professional skills and contacts.

  • Fulfill requirements such as completing 4 semesters, minor courses, or courses for a major.  
  • Yes! Lower level courses such as FREN F203-FREN 315, upper-level electives such as literature, culture, or area studies
  • No! ILCS I300, S488, Education block courses

What type of programs are there?

  • Intensive French Langauge & Culture
  • 1-2 courses in French + English courses 
  • Content area courses (Linguistics, art, Business in French)
  • Intern or volunteer for credit in French

When should I go?

That depends on you! If you're hoping to fulfil a language requirement or lower level minor requirements - sophomore, junior year or any summer may be best. If you're trying to fulfill major requirements, take at least 4-5 semesters of French at IPFW first such as literature, grammar, and writing courses. Many semester programs require 3-6 semesters of French to apply

Where can I go?

Below are featured programs but there are many other programs also available in: France, Belgium, Switzerland, Senegal, la Reunion, French Antilles, or Québec.

 Or take 1-2 French classes + courses in English at many other destinations around the world, just like here!  

To determine what location/program may be best for you, visit our explanation of programs page or review this chart

Before picking a program, first ask yourself:

  1. Do I want to take classes in English, French, or both?
  2. What credits do I need to transfer back?
  3. What type of atmosphere do I want? Who do I want to live with or take classes with? 
  4. What can I afford?
  5. Do I want to go for a summer, a semester, or a year? 
  6. Do I meet the language and GPA requirement?

Recommended Programs:

ISEP Blog: Finding a program for your langauge level

French Language Programs - Beginners (0-3 semesters prior to leaving)

Summer – Beginner

Faculty-Led featured program:IUPUI French Language Studies in Aix-Marseille 

  • Date: June 30 - July 25
  • Program Fee:  Total estimated cost: $3,925 - $4,165 + standard tuition and fees
  • Credit: If 2-3 semesters of French: Fren F295, with 3-4 semesters: Conversation or FREN 498

Also check out IUEast French travel program  and Purdue Calumet Art & Photography in Paris

IU featured summer program: Paris IES Summer program or Internship 

  • Date May 25 - July 9 Due date: February 8
  • Program Fee: $7,374
  • Credit: FREN 203 or 204  or French history, art history, french literature, or french culture course  or optional french intenship program

3rd Party featured program:Champlain College Montreal Summer Program

  • Date: May 31- June 28   Deadline: April 1
  • Program fee: Contact regarding costs 
  • Credit:   Conversational French, Canadian/American Relations, Graphic Design, Intro to Game Design, or film-making 

ISEP featured programUniversité de Savoie, France

  • Date: Late May - Late July  Deadline: April 1, 2016
  • Program Fee: $4,000- $5,000
  • 5-6 US Credits in French language and culture, No Prior Language Required
 Semester or Academic Year – beginner


IU featured program:

 3rd Featured program AIFS: Grenoble- University of Grenoble - Intensive French Language 

  • Date: 4 weeks – Mid June- Mid/Late July  Deadline May 31
  • Program fee: approximately $2,000 including airfare
  • Credit: 5-6 US Credits in French language and culture


 ISEP featured - Lausanne, Switzerland -  Option 2: Full year of semester language and culture courses at the École de Français Langue Étrangère (EFLE) 
Students may also take full-time language and culture courses either first or second semester, or for the full year. The School of French as a Foreign Language (EFLE) offers a full-time course in French language (around twenty hours per week). It provides in-depth training in French as a foreign language in both its linguistic and cultural dimensions and provides the theoretical knowledge of literature, linguistics and teaching necessary to achieve a good mastery of French.

  • Date: Spring - Deadline Aug25 then rolling, AYear Deadline: Feb 8 then rolling
  • Program Fee: ISEP Exchange - Pay IPFW Tuition Housing Meals
  • Credits: 12-15 credits in language, literature, culture, and grammar
  • Language Requirement: 0-2 semesters


French Language Programs - Intermediate to Advanced  (4 or more semesters prior to leaving)

Summer –Intermediate to Advanced

IU Featured program : Paris IES Internship Program

  • Date: Mid May- Mid July
  • Program Fee: $6,900
  • Language Requirement 4 semesters
  • Credits: 6 credit internship arts administration, business, cooking & catering, immigration & social inclusion, information technology, language instruction, marketing, media & communications, museums & galleries, theater, tourism

3rd Party Featured Program: University of Minnesota Intensive French in Senegal Study the French language while you explore Senegal, a fascinating country seen as a bridge between Africa and the West.

  • Date: August
  • Program Fee: $4,150
  • Credits: 4 credits in Intermediate or advanced French (4th-6th semester)
  • Language Requirement 3 semesters


Exchange Featured Program: Le Mans International Campus

  • Date: 4 weeks – Mid June- Mid/Late July  Deadline May 31
  • Program fee: approximately $2,000 including airfare
  • Credit: 5-6 US Credits in French language and culture


 Semester or Academic Year – Intermediate to Advanced

IU Featured Advanced semester ProgramAix-en-Provence AY or Spring Semester Program    

  • Date January to June Deadline Sep 8  OR mid-August-June Deadline: Jan 25 
  • Program Fee: $16,000/semester
  • ·         Credit: 14-18 credits  Please see the Aix-en-Provence-IU course equivalency list for program enrollment requirements and a list of IU course equivalencies that students have received in the past.
  • Requirement: completed FREN F204 and approximately 3.0 GPA

3rd Party Featured advanced semester Programs:

CIEE Brussels Communication & Culture

  • Dates: January to June or September to May Deadline: April 1 for Fall and November 1 for Spring
  • Program Fee: $18,000
  • Credit 12-15 credits – Belgian History, French language courses, and students with a very high French (or Dutch) language level may take one or possibly two courses at the Université Libre de Bruxelles or the Vrije Universiteit Brussels. Students in the past have taken French literature courses or area studies courses in political science, geography, or history
  • Requirement: Advanced, 2.75 GPA

ISA Institut Catholique de Paris (Paris, France) 

  • Dates: Fall, Spring, AY, or summer
  • Program Fee $16,500 per semester, $9,000 Back to Back summer
  • Credit: 12-15 Intensive French language studies 


National Student Exchange to Quebec:

ISEP Featured Advanced semester programUniversité des Antilles et de la Guyane  Guadelupe, Martinique, French Guiana: Over 12,000 students from Africa, the Caribbean, Canada, Europe, and the United States5 campuses established between 3 locations; French Guiana, Guadeloupe and Martinique, More Information ...

  • Date: September to June – Deadline Feb 8 or January to June  Deadline August 25
  • Program Fee: $8,900/ semester
  • Requirement: 4-5 semesters of French
  • Credit: 12-15 credits Humanities (French literature, history); Languages (English, Spanish); Science and Technology (biology, chemistry, computer science, geology, mathematics, medical studies, physical education, physics, Tropical environment); Social Sciences (economics, law).  

ISEP French language and culture semester sites:

ISEP French langauge & culture summer programs

  • Caen - French Language & Culture combined with Thematic Modules
  • Savoie - Intensive Language & Culture

ISEP Facebook: France & Belgium Group

How Can I afford it?

Federal Aid Applies to all approved programs, State Aid & IPFW Aid applies to IPFW Programs like ISEP Exchange
Plus there are many other scholarships just for study abroad. Find more information about scholarships and more at our website or with your program provider.  In some countries, it may even cost less to study abroad than it would to stay here!

How do I get Started?

Ready to start your search? Plan early and you will be able to study abroad during the semester, year, or summer of your choice and still graduate on time.

  1. Evaluate your needs and goals 
  2. Talk to your academic advisor about term and courses to take at IPFW and courses to leave for abroad
  3. Visit the OIE to learn more or attend the SA101 sessions

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