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Seoul Women's University

Seoul Women’s University

Seoul, South Korea

The Student Exchange Program allows students from SWU's partner university to study at SWU for one or two semesters. The credits earned at SWU can be transferred to the student's home institution. 

“Bahrom International Program made my 2010 summer the best semester I ever had. I enjoyed merging my American culture into the Korean landscape to form one community and moving from being the awkward foreigner to an accepted member of the BIP family. Most of the memories I have are the fun and laughable moments that occurred daily and the lifelong friends I’ve made.”

Emily Murphy, 2010

Junior, Marketing major

Quick Facts about SWU


  • Fall : August to December                       Spring: February - May                    Academic Year: August - May

Application Deadline

Application Deadline
- For Spring Semester: November 1
- For Fall Semester: April 1
* Late application can be accepted if there are vacancies in the dormitory. 


Application Materials

  1. Completed Student Exchange Application (Download)
  2. Affidavit of Support (included in the application form)
  3. Supplementary Information (included in the application form)
  4. Application for Meeting International Student Supporters (optional; included in the application form)
  5. May be charged by IPFW-Bank Statement ($3,000 for one semester; $7,000 for one academic year)
  6. Essay: A 500-word Essay (included in the application)
  7. Official Transcript (in English) of all the courses work at college-level
  8. Copy of Passport
  9. 3 photos (3cm x 4cm, with white background, ears shown and without a hat)

Program Organization

  • IPFW Exchange Program with Seoul Women’s University
  • 5 IPFW students

Academic Program

  • Live and study with Korean students
  • A friendly and comfortable environment
  • Topics: Korean contemporary issues, Korea’s history, religion, and traditions
  • Several ways of learning including lectures, field trips, and performances
  • Classes taught in English with other international and Korean students

Course Load

  • 15-18 credits

Academic Calendar

Academic Calendar for 2014

  Spring Semester- 4th week of February: Orientation & Registration
- March 2: Spring semester begins
- April 21-25: Mid-term exam
- April 17-23: Final exam

  Fall Semester- 2nd week of August: Class Registration
- August 25: Fall semester begins
- October 13-17: Mid-term exam
- December 9-15: Final exam

Additional Information


The class schedule of the exchange students would be any combination of the following categories: 

Classes in English
There are roughly 80-100 classes taught in English in General Education and across the majors.

  Download the list of classes (Spring 2010 - Fall 2013)

        * The list for 2014 will be available by earl y December

Classes in Korean
Most of the classes are taught in Korean. 

 See list of classes on the web. (In Korean)

Korean Language Education Program
Exchange students may choose to take Korean Language Education Program(KLEP) free of charge. KLEP has an intensive program where you may take heavy load of Korean language class, as well as general education classes that will give you a brief introduction to Korean language.

  View KLEP webpage (see “Regular Program”)

Korean Language Education Program
Exchange students may choose to take Korean Language Education Program(KLEP) free of charge. KLEP has an intensive program where you may take heavy load of Korean language class, as well as general education classes that will give you a brief introduction to Korean language.

  View KLEP webpage (see “Regular Program”)

Housing Information

International Residence Hall
- International Residence Hall is the designated dormitory for the international students.
- This building can only accommodate female students.
- Male students must find an off-campus housing. (SWU may assist in finding a place to stay)
- Twin room. Shared bathroom & shower room. 
- Students may be asked to move to another dormitory during summer or winter breaks.

  Photos of International Residence Hall

Program Eligibility

You may apply if you

  • are a full time undergraduate IPFW student
  • have completed at least 2 full time semesters
  • Students on disciplinary probation during program period are not eligible.
  • have approximately a 2.5 cumulative GPA
  • write a required essay
  • Need to be nominated by IPFW Office of International Education
  • Need to be able to take classes either in Korean or English. (Korean language classes are available, if you would like to concentrate on learning Korean.)

* Even if you meet all of these requirements, you would not be able to enroll if your visa application is rejected by local Korean consulate. 

“Besides the excellent lessons and field trips on Korean culture, language, food, history, and politics, I enjoyed the ample opportunity to explore the city with my friends. The weekend home stay in a local student’s home was a memorable experience too”

-          Alan Tse, BIP 2009

In order to participate in the BIP (Bahrom International Program) summer program at Seoul Women’s University, IPFW students need to-

  • -Be in good physical condition and willing to climb lots of stairs
  • -Be willing to try lots of unfamiliar foods including squid, octopus, snails, jellyfish and much more, and to eat with chopsticks
  • -Be willing to sit on the floor a lot, especially when eating in restaurants
  • -Be willing to have roommates and live in a dorm-type building
  • -Be willing to participate enthusiastically in a wide variety of activities including three-hour lectures, sports, dance, martial arts, games and excursions
  • -Be willing to abide by an 11 p.m. curfew
  • -Be interested in international affairs and ready to participate fully in the intercultural experience that BIP offers
  • -Be ready to live in and explore a city of 11 million people
  • -Be willing to help the Korean students who come to IPFW next fall and to assist the OIE in advertising the program by participating in presentations


“ Seoul is an interesting city combining the “traditional” and the “modern” where skyscrapers and historical palaces are right next to each other.”

Alan Tse, 2009

Location Details

  • Located in the capitol city of Seoul


IPFW students are  responsible for:

  • Airfare
  • Passport
  • Personal expenses
  • IPFW Tuition
  • SWU Room and Board
  • Health Insurance

For female students for 4 months: KRW 2,000,000 (appx. USD 1,900 + IPFW Tuition and aifare)                                               

Female students for 10 months:   KRW 2,500,000 (appx. USD 2,500 + IPFW Tuition and airfare)

For male students (for 4 months): KRW 1,600,000(appx. USD 1,500 + IPFW Tuition and airfare)

For male students (for 10 months): KRW 2,100,000 (appx. USD 2,000 IPFW Tuition and airfare)

Seoul Women’s  University will cover:

  • Entrance Fee
  • Korean Language Education Program
  • Transcripts

Estimated Cost

See here for the rough estimate of the cost.- The tuition is waived for the exchange students.
- Please note that the cost may vary depending on how much you spend on your personal expense and meals.


You need to get a student visa (D-2) from the nearest Korean consulate, with the Certificate of Admission issued by Seoul Women’s University.  This will only be issued after accepting the application.  More information will be provided with the admission letter, but normally it takes 2~4 weeks to get your visa.  

Financial Aid

  • Students who receive an aid package from federal and state sources may be eligible to apply this aid toward a study abroad program. Support from financial aid varies based on a number of factors such as remaining aid eligibility, program costs, length of stay and type of program. The Office of Financial Aid determines which study abroad programs are approved for financial aid. Please do not hesitate to contact the Office of Financial Aid in Kettler 103 at (260)481-6243.


  • There are a number of scholarships available for study abroad programs. We provide a short list of links to different scholarship opportunities in the scholarship tab, but we also advise that you visit The Institute of International Education for more study abroad funding information.
  • Discount Grant
    - Depending on the country of the exchange student's home institution, SWU may provide a 30% discount for the on-campus dormitory for the regular semesters. This scholarship is in principle for the students from the thi
    rd world countries.