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Photograph of the International Students Orientation Group

The Office of International Education provides mandatory orientation session for all new international students at the start of every fall and spring semester. This orientation is for both undergraduate and graduate students. The Spring 2016 Orientation will begin January 4th, 2016 and will conclude Friday, January 8th, 2016.

  • When students receive their acceptance packages, they will receive pre arrival information which will include crucial information about orientation and arrival to campus. Please follow the information closely. 


Orientation Drivers Gary & Lindsey

      • Drivers will be available to pick students up beginning from the FORT WAYNE AIRPORT (FWA) ONLY.
      • Students can choose one of three drop off points: IPFW Student Housing, Office of International Education, or the Holiday Inn on E. Coliseum Blvd. 

Pre-Arrival Information:

  • STUDENT CHECK IN: Monday, January 4th. 
  • PLEASE NOTE: Students living at IPFW Student Housing will be subject to early move in fees. Undergraduate students will be subject to early move in fees if they arrive prior to the designated date (TBD). Graduate students will be subject to early move in fees if they arrive prior to the designated date (TBD). You MUST notify the Office of International Education of your arrival date and time to ensure you will not be subject to early move in fees after the desginated date (TBD). You are REQUIRED to submit an Early Move In Request at least 10 days prior to your arrival date. Please see the Student Housing website for the Early Move In Form for Spring 2016. 
  • Please also submit an Arrival Form so that we know when to expect your arrival to campus.  This form also helps us arrange pick up if necessary or know you don't need a pick up.  
  • Note about placement tests: Students who do not have 6 or more credits in College English Composition or a similiar course, will need to take an ESL placement test upon arrival to campus. This test can ONLY be taken on campus. Students with English as a native language can take the online self-assessment for writing. You can find this by logging into myIPFW, click on the enrollment tab, then Orientation & Placement Tests.   Students must also take a math placement test if they have not completed College Algebra. Both the ESL placement test and math placement test can be coordinated for you by the Office of International Education once we are notified of your arrival details. 

Orientation Documents

Pre-Arrival Information Spring 2016

Orientation Schedule

Spring schedule to be posted soon...

Orientation Resources

Basic Needs List - Things you will need upon arrival!


International Student Orientation Presentation

International Student Orientation - Introduction to IPFW and Academic Advising 

International Students Library Orientation

myIPFW session


Orientation Leaders

*Hired for Fall 2015. Check back for information on Spring 2016 staff hiring!

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