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Mobile Phone Carriers

Purchasing a Cellular (Mobile) Phone

When shopping around for a phone, you should take into consideration things like coverage, monthly charges, minutes offered, etc. The most popular cellular (mobile) companies in Fort Wayne are Verizon Wireless, Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile. You can find a summary of their basic services below. Please go to their respective websites for more information. 

Basic Plans





   Deposit for     Opening Account 
(Refundable at 
contract end)
 $400 $150 deposit 2 year contract Ranges Ranges, FlexPay
 Minimum Monthly 
 $40/month $39.99/month $39.99/month $39.99/month

 Minutes with     Introductory Plan

 450 450 450 500
 Free Minutes  Verizon to verizon, free  
 nights and weekends
Sprint to Sprint/ free nights at 7pm and weekends AT&T to AT&T/ 5000 nights and weekends, rollover Unlimited T-Mobile to T-Mobile calling/ Unlimited nights and weekends
 International Rates  Depends on country 
(5 cents to $1.50/min)
Free long Distance Discounted Rates Discounted Rates
 Lowest Texting Plan  20 per month  
 unlimited/Pay as you go
 5 cents per text
$10 per month unlimited $5 for 200 messages $10 per month unlimited
 Texting Overseas  
 No/Normal texting charges No No plan 25 cents per/ $10 for 100 messages Yes

 Free Phone with  
 (Type of Phone)

 Yes with normal plan/LG
Yes/Sanyo 2700, Samsung M320 Yes/ Sony Ericcson Yes
 Any Pay as you Go  
Yes Yes Yes Yes
 Phone Usage     
Depends on what country, CDMA or GSM technology Yes, call international service department and let them know where you are going. Yes phones are GSM technology Yes, call Cusomer Care department and let them know where you are going