Office of International Education

Academic Advisor: A student's principal point of contact for academic guidance such as course planning, registration, and academic counseling. 

Academic Advising is intended for the student and advisor to exchange information in a manner that assists students in reaching educational and career goals. This is a SHARED responsibility between the student and advisor, but it is ultimately the student's responsibility to communicate, make decisions, and take responsibility for the plan created to reach academic goals. Advisors can assist by guiding the student with options, determining appropriate resources, identify alternatives if necessary, and creating pathways to success. 

If you have declared your major and are in need of academic advising, please contact the school with which you are affiliated. Visit your my.ipfw account home page to retrieve your assigned academic advisor's contact information. 

College of Arts and Sciences
Liberal Arts Building, room 153 | 260-481-6160
Doermer School of Business and Management Sciences
Neff Hall, room 366 | 260-481-6472
Division of Continuing Studies - General Studies
Kettler Hall, room 145 | 260-481-6828
College of Education and Public Policy
Neff Hall, room 243 | 260-481-6450
College of Engineering, Technology, and Computer Science
Engineering, Technology, and Computer Science Building, room 105 | 260-481-5710
College of Health and Human Services
Neff Hall, room 142 | 260-481-4187
Honors Program
Walb Union, room G25 | 260-481-6924
Division of Labor Studies
Ketter Hall, room G28 | 260-481-6831
Division of Organizational Leadership and Supervision
Neff Hall, room 288 | 260-481-6420
College of Visual and Performing Arts
Visual Arts Building, room 102 | 260-481-6977