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IPFW Intramural Fitness - New Schedule Posted (SPRING 2016)

IPFW Intramurals is excited to bring you free Fitness Classes for IPFW staff, faculty and students! Please check in at the Athletic Center Desk and turn in your IPFW ID. Please also sign in on the form located in the Fitness Studio so we can see which classes are having good attendance. For changes and updates of classes, create an IMLeages account! It is a great way to keep up with all the intramural activities.  
Here is a brief description of each class.  All classes are designed for all fitness levels for both males and females. 


5:30 Fitness Fusion - A great mix of cardio and toning moves to build strength burn calories and find what works for you! Use of the weight sets along with other equipment will give you a customized challenge!

6:30 Yoga - A beginning class to help you learn relaxation techniques and realize wonderful these poses, stretches and movements that we teach you can be.


5:30 20/15/10- This is a combination class. 20 minutes of cardio 15 minutes of toning intervals and 10 minutes of abs! Our NEW instructor Katie is super awesome!

6:30 Boot Camp Basics - This great class will challenge you from head to toe with intervals, crunches, burpees, squats, pushups, and more. Everything can be modified but only if you come!


5:30 Turbo Kick - Nothing beats this high energy class with great music and easy to follow moves. Turbo is the key to successful weight loss!

6:30 Pilates Plus - This mat class will take you through core movements to define, sculpt and firm the body. Great to improve overall core stability. Cross train with your favorite sport and you will feel stronger and reduce injury!


5:30 PIYO- One of the most popular classes out today combining pilates and yoga with great strength and toning moves. (This is a mat based class). Our NEW instructor Ashley Z. is super high energy!

6:30 Total Body Toning - The phrase use it or you lose it is correct. MUSCLE IS NECESSARY to be healthy and live a long life! Do not let the thought of you doing cardio be enough. You must challenge and cross train to gain muscle and tone up! 

First 20 IPFW Students/faculty or staff for each class. All class members must check in with your ID card at the Athletic Center Customer Service Desk and sign in for the class you want to take with the instructor.  Unfortunately we can not allow you to pre-sign up for the classes, they are offered as first come, first served. You may signup no earlier than one hour prior to the class.  If needed we will open more sessions.

Classes are 45 minutes - one hour long. Enjoy!