Human Resources

Human Resources Policies

The Human Resources Department follows those policies outlined on the Purdue University Policies website page.   The Purdue Policies website is the source for current system-wide policies.

IPFW maintains additional administrative policies specific to the needs of the structure of the campus.    In consultation with Human resources, departments may adopt distinct practices, standards or guidelines, all of which must be consistent with system-wide policies and campus policies. 


Changes to several university policies will go into effect July 1, 2015.   These policies include the paid parental leave (policy VI.E.3), bereavement leave (found in policy VI.E.2), and the Grievance Policy for Administrative/Professional and Clerical/Service Staff MembersPolicy changes went into effect on June 1, 2015 for the Anti-Harassment (III.C.1),  Equal Opportunity, Equal Access and Affirmative Action (III.C.2) and Amorous Relationships (III.A.1) policies.   Click here for more details.


Tobacco & Smoke-free Campus Policy

Effective April 2, 2014, IPFW will be a tobacco and smoke-free campus.  Full details are outlined under the IPFW Tobacco & Smoke-free Campus Policy.    As the university transitions into a tobacco and smoke-free campus, employees can find information and resources on how to quit smoking or to stop using tobacco products by contacting the IPFW Center for Healthy Living and Wellness at 260-481-5748 or visiting the Health and Wellness website.

 Background Check

Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne (IPFW) will conduct a confidential criminal background records check on all faculty, staff, limited-term-lecturer, and temporary employee hires as part of the employment process per the Purdue Background Check policy.  Click here for policy details.

Reportable Outside Activity

Review the policy on Conflicts of Commitment and Reportable Outside Activities to determine when and what outside activities should be disclosed.  If a disclosure is necessary, submit the Disclosure of and Application for Permission to Engage in a Reportable Outside Activity Form.  Click here for full policy details.

Volunteer Policy

A new Purdue system-wide interim policy for Volunteers has been approved and is effective July 1, 2012. The provisions of the policy on Volunteers, Interim (VI.B.2), include registration of all volunteers with the department or unit in which they are volunteering and a screening of each volunteer against both the state and national sex and violent offender registries.  Click here for policy details and information.