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New Parents Program

The IPFW New Parents Program has been developed as a method for welcoming new babies as members of the IPFW family and to provide on-going support and education to parents as IPFW employees assume their most important role: their child’s first teacher. Research provides clear evidence on the impact of high-quality care and education during infancy, toddlerhood, and the preschool years on later educational attainment. Thus, the education of a child begins well before formal schooling is entered.

The New Parents Program was initiated by Chancellor Wartell. After speaking with members of the community, the Chancellor saw a need to promote school readiness in our community. The ongoing support and education provided through the program is aimed to assist parents in guiding the development of their children and preparing successful students. The program supports children from birth to age five since this is typically the time children enter school.

The program includes benefited faculty and staff who have welcomed babies on or after January 1st, 2008. There are several events each year for the program which occur on a bimonthly basis. The program events aim to provide educational resources, as well as networking experiences with the opportunity to spend more time with family and help promote a positive work/life balance.

The committee for the New Parents Program includes Rose Costello, Director of Human Resources, Tina Grady, Benefits Administrator, Dr. Terri Swim, Associate Professor of Education, Dr. Amy Nitza, and Melissa Helmsing, Training and New Parents Program Administrator. If you have questions or suggestions for the program, feel free to contact Melissa Helmsing in Human Resources at 260-481-5720.

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