Human Resources and Office of Institutional Equity

Week of January 27th - February 2nd

Tayah Luckadoo – Student Worker

Tayah, your efforts in organizing and creating an inventory for the storage room are appreciated by all. That was a big task and I am thrilled with the outcome. Thank you!

---Kayla Klimasko


Jessica Neuenschwander – Secretary

Thank you for your time and hard work that you put into creating the Meet the College of Arts and Sciences Staff video. It is amazing and the only person that is missing from the video is you. You are a very important part of the College of Arts and Sciences and we appreciate all that you do for us behind the scenes.

---Michele Shawver


Selma Osmanovic – Account Clerk

Selma!! Thank you so much for allowing me to showcase your beautiful cakes in our “Meet the Staff” video. I actually heard people gasp at the reception when your cakes were onscreen. You did a fantastic job, and I’m so grateful that you took the time to talk with me. And I’m really grateful you let me eat one of those cakes. Those sugared blueberries! Thanks again! I appreciate you.

---Jessica Neuenschwander


Teri Luce – Secretary

Thanks for agreeing to participate in our “Meet the Staff” video. If only I would have had more time. You’re such an interesting person. We could literally just do a “Meet the Teri” video filled with all of your hobbies. Anyway, thanks again for participating and also for bringing all of your projects in. You have some really neat creations!

---Jessica Neuenschwander


Randi Boyd – Secretary

Thanks for participating in our “Meet the Staff” video. It was funny, when I went through to edit the video, about half of it was us getting sidetracked and just talking about our lives! Ha! I’m sorry you couldn’t attend the reception, but you should know that people actually clapped when you appeared onscreen. You must have some fans! And I can see why. Thanks again for participating!

---Jessica Neuenschwander


Michele Shawver – Assistant Director of Honors

Thanks for participating in our “Meet the Staff” video. Your artwork was so cool! I really want to buy one of the copper pipe necklaces (although, maybe this Ripples award isn’t the best place for a business transaction, ha!). Anyway, thanks again for taking time out of your busy schedule to sit down with me. I always enjoy chatting with you!

---Jessica Neuenschwander


Josh Bacon – Secretary

Oh, Josh, thank you so much for being the star of our “Meet the Staff” video. Without you, the whole thing would have been mildly entertaining. With you, it was hilarious and the talk of the reception. I’m so, so glad that you decided to participate. My only regret is that we couldn’t showcase more of your music, but maybe in a future video! After all, you are a student too. :) Thanks!

---Jessica Neuenschwander


Suzanne King – Secretary

A big, big thanks to Suzanne for participating in our “Meet the Staff” video. I think I probably asked for more things and talked more to you about the video than anyone else. Thank you so much for listening to me and sending me pictures—that I didn’t even end up using. :) Thank you for finding art from your time abroad and for just having a bubbly personality that shows up so well on camera!

---Jessica Neuenschwander


Sara Simpson – Secretary

Thanks for participating in our “Meet the Staff” video. You had such an interesting, fun story. I really, really wish I could have included more about the donkey sanctuary, because that was the funniest thing. You’re seriously one of the nicest people I’ve ever met, and I’m so glad you volunteered, not only just for your story, but also because it's fun to chat with you! Thanks again.

---Jessica Neuenschwander


Joanne Blosser – Secretary

Thanks so much for participating in our “Meet the Staff” video. You brought in such beautiful pieces and had such a clear, confident camera presence. You’re such a creative and talented person. Keep me updated on your work. It's just so impressive! Anyway, thanks again for participating and for being an awesome subject.

---Jessica Neuenschwander

Karen Burtnette – Administrator of Arts & Sciences

Thanks for participating in our “Meet the Staff” video. You may have been nervous about being on camera, but you absolutely didn’t show it, and your section was one of the easiest to edit! It helped that you kept meticulous documentation of your renovations. Thanks again for participating, and thank Frank for me too! The video wouldn't have been the same without his efforts.

---Jessica Neuenschwander


Cassandra Bracht – Academic Advisor

Thanks so much for participating in our “Meet the Staff” video. I love, love, loved meeting your puppies, and I wish I could give them both Ripples for their efforts as well. I’m bummed we didn’t have time to include the renovation section, because, wow. You really did an awesome job with the most salmon-colored house in America. Anyway, thanks again, and thank the pups for me too!

---Jessica Neuenschwander


Sharon Wight – Academic Advisor – Psychology

Thanks so much for being my very first volunteer for our “Meet the Staff” video! You were super patient with all of my requests for more pictures or info. You were even abnormally quick to respond to my last minute emails. That never happens! :) Thanks again for participating. You were awesome!

---Jessica Neuenschwander


Jessica Neuenschwander - Secretary

Jessica compiled a fantastic array of video clips of support staff in COAS, and created a very interesting, enlightening "Meet the Staff" video. She's got a friendly, personable manner for interviewing, and an eye for catching the best features of everyone. Thank you so much, Jessica, for inviting me to be a part in such a huge project. You're very much appreciated by all of us!

---Randi Boyd


Donald Woods – Utility Custodian

Dear Mr. Don: You empty the wastebaskets of the Econ Dept regularly not because you are scheduled to but just to help us out, which we greatly appreciate. Thank you so very much also for stamping down the snow to form a pathway for me so that I could get to my car the other day. You saw me struggling with my cane and you immediately came to help me. Thank you for all your kindness! :-)

---Heather L.R. Tierney


Devyn Royal – Student Worker

I appreciate you helping at the ESC desk during our busy times. You had your own responsibilities and job duties to take care of, but still made time to help our office and students.

---Morgan Felkner


Greg Adams – Painter

Thank you very much for the excellent patch and paint job in Neff 260A! There were some large holes to be patched and after the patching/painting, it is nearly impossible to see where those holes once existed. Kudos to you Greg!

---Tammy Davich


Jim Whitcraft – Photographer

We appreciate the great work you did in taking more than 1,100 employee photos for the first project in our transition to Purdue University Fort Wayne!

---The Transformation Team


Min Kyaw – Student Service Worker

We appreciate your work in helping take more than 1,100 employee photos for the first project in our transition to Purdue University Fort Wayne.

---The Transformation Team