Human Resources and Office of Institutional Equity

Campus Policies & Guidelines

The administrative policies identified below are specific to the needs of the structure of the IPFW campus.  In consultation with Human Resources, departments may adopt distinct practices, standards or guidelines, all of which must be consistent with system-wide policies and campus policies. 


Tobacco & Smoke-free Campus Policy

Effective April 2, 2014, IPFW will be a tobacco and smoke-free campus.  Full details are outlined under the IPFW Tobacco & Smoke-free Campus Policy.    As the university transitions into a tobacco and smoke-free campus, employees can find information and resources on how to quit smoking or to stop using tobacco products by contacting the IPFW Center for Healthy Living and Wellness at 260-481-5748 or visiting the Health and Wellness website.


IPFW Key Distribution Policy

The Campus Safety division within Physical Plant is responsible for the distribution and return of building/room keys to and from the campus community.  It is important that individuals and departments take a more active role in maintaining the security of the facilities they have access to.  Departments that authorize and issue keys to their staff and students are also responsible for making sure students and employees return their keys before leaving a department or university. Expectations and guidelines for departments and employees are outlined under the "IPFW Key Distribution Policy." 


IPFW Social Media Use Policy

Students, staff, and faculty share their thoughts and expand their communities through all kinds of social media platforms and media outlets.  This policy applies to all IPFW administrative units, academic departments, and university-sponsored organizations that operate social media outlets.  It also applies to all IPFW faculty, staff, and student employees, as well as members of IPFW-affiliated organizations. Click here for full policy details.