Human Resources and Office of Institutional Equity

Kronos Timekeeping is Here

Purdue has purchased the Kronos timekeeping system to eliminate the use of paper time card for all biweekly-paid staff, including student employees.

Kronos is the industry leader in electronic timekeeping.  Kronos will allow IPFW to automate time reporting, eliminate paper, and provide more consistent handling of overtime.  Better information will allow supervisors to more efficiently manage their employees work and absence time.

IPFW will be implementing the Kronos system in stages; the target date for going live for Phase I departments is January 27, 2014.  Phase II departments will be brought online later in 2014, after an upgrade to the Kronos system.  For a list of IPFW Departments, and their assignment to Phase I or Phase II, click here.

Why are there two phases of implementation?
There will be an upgrade to the Kronos system in the Spring that will make it much easier to manage employees with multiple appointments. Because Academic Affairs departments tend to have a significant number of student employees with multiple appointments, most academic departments (as well as University Police and a few Student Affairs/Enrollment Management departments) won't go live with Kronos until Phase 2, while the rest of the campus will go live in January.

Kronos Resources (Some links require a Purdue CareerAcount username and password, with " onepurdue\ " in the box immediately before the username [example:  "onepurdue\smith9803"].  Note that this uses the back slash ' \ ', usually found above the Enter key, rather than the more commonly used forward slash).