Student Housing

Movie Channel

Where are the self-proclaimed IPFW movie critic's? Another great way to get involved here at Housing is to help our movie committee determine what you and your colleagues watch on a monthly basis. At the front desk in the Cole clubhouse we have a box for your suggestions to help us choose each month. For more information please contact our Assistant Director, Malek Stewart at

January Movie Schedule!!!

odd days

12:00 am Mad Max Fury Road
2:05 am The Shallows
3:33 am Southside With You
5:00 am Don't Breathe
6:30 am The Hateful Eight
9:30 am John Wick 
11:14 am the Perfect Match
1:00 pm Mad Max Fury Road
3:00 pm The Shallows
4:30 pm Southside With You
6:00 pm Don't Breathe
7:30 pm The Hateful Eight
10:30 pm The Perfect Match

even days

12:15 am John Wick
2:00 am The Shallows 
3:30 am Mad Max Fury Road
6:00 am Don't Breathe
7:30 am The Hateful Eight
10:30 am John Wick
12:15 pm The Perfect Match
2:00 pm Southside With You
3:30 pm The Shallows
5:00 pm The Hateful Eight
8:00 pm John Wick
10:00 pm Mad Max Fury Road