Student Housing

Movie Channel

Where are the self-proclaimed IPFW movie critic's? Another great way to get involved here at Housing is to help our movie committee determine what you and your colleagues watch on a monthly basis.  For more information please contact our Assistant Director, Malek Stewart at

March Movie Schedule!!!

Odd number:

The Big Short-Midnight

Daddys Home-2:15 am

Sisters-4:00 am

The Intern- 6:00 am

The Departed- 8:05 am

Fast & Furious- 10:45 am

Concussion- 12:45 pm

The Big Short-3:00 pm

Daddys Home-5:15 pm

Sisters-7:00 pm

The Intern- 9:00 pm

The Departed- 11:10 pm



The Big Short-1:45 am

Daddys Home-4:00 am

Sisters- 5:45 am

The Intern- 7:45 am

The Departed- 10:00 am

Fast & Furious- 12:35 pm

Concussion- 2:30 pm

The Big Short-4:45 pm

Daddys Home-7:00 pm

The Deaparted- 9:00 pm