Celebrate 50 Years
Honors Program

Honors Student Accomplishments

We are so proud of our Honors students and their accomplishments! If you have something you would like to share with us, please let us know--we would love to celebrate with you!

Student Accomplishments

Stephanie Boissy (History) received the Judie and Ralph Violette History Scholarship for the academic year 2013-2014.

Charles McIntosh (Electrical Engineering) was awarded a 2014 Northeast Indiana Engineer's Week scholarship ($1000), sponsored by BAE Systems.

Amity Pauley (Women’s Studies) presented her research at two conferences —on a service learning project “Food and Feminism” at the National Women’s Studies Association in November 2013 and on the ethics of dumpster diving at the IU Women and Gender studies Undergraduate Conference in April 2014. She will receive the Linda C. Fox Academic Merit Award, the Women’s Studies Outstanding Service Award and the Naseem Rachdi Scholarship at the COAS Honors Banquet.

Zach Price (Public Affairs, Minors: Legal Studies, Psychology, Sociology) is currently an intern for the Allen County Prosecutor’s Office, and was awarded an externship in March 2014 at the Allen County Superior Court under Honorable Judge Wendy Davis.

Alex Rojas de Robles (English, Minor: Linguistics) received the Chancellor’s Merit Award for the academic year 2013-2014

Kara J. Scobey (Biology) received the Emil Richard Seidel Scholarship from the Department of Biology.

Kira Witte (Elementary Education) is active in IPFW students for life and am currently attending IPFW on a Chancellor's Scholarship. She is also a member of the Honors Society of Phi Kappa Phi, ranking in the top 10% of her class. 

College of Arts and Sciences Awards

The College of Arts and Sciences will hold its annual Honors Banquet on Thursday, April 24. Congratulations to the following Honors students who will be receiving recognition and awards from their departments at the Banquet:

Greg Adams (Physics), Physics Outreach Award
Teresa Bárcenas (CSD), Gerontology Award for Excellence and Carol Roberts Writing Center Consulting Award
Joshua B. Bertsch (Political Science), Sally A. Merrill Outstanding Political Science Senior Award
Luke A. Bertsch (Mathematics Actuarial Science), Actuarial Science Award and Lowell W. Beineke Mathematics Scholarship
Shannon M. Calder (Biology Pre-Med), Bryson and Ernest Henebry Scholarship
Kayla Chin (Biology Pre-Med), Excellence in Foreign Language (Chinese) Study Award
Srikanth Dasari (Biology Pre-Med/Physics), Outstanding Senior Biology Major Award
Heather Dewey (History), Judie and Ralph Violette History Scholarship
Sean I. Godfroy (English), Sylvia E. Bowman Award
Anna K. Guthrie (Anthropology), Franz Boas Award
Geral’n N. McGee (Biology), Bryson and Ernest Henebry Scholarship
Dusty L Gremaux (Biology), Emil Richard Seidel Scholarship
Taylor L. Goodpaster (CSD), After Sorority, All Philanthropic (ASAP) IPFW-CSD Scholarship in Communication Disorders
Denise Grote (Sociology), Alpha Kappa Delta International Sociological Honors Society and Dr. Robert W. And Susan L. Dettmer Scholarship
Mariah Harold (Business), Hollander Scholarship
Jacquelyn Kelty (Chemistry Pre-Med), Chemistry Faculty/Alumni Scholarship and Outstanding Organic Chemistry Scholarship
Sadie M. King-Hoffmann (English and Linguistics), Arline R. Standley Scholarship and Downtown Sertoma – William Doctor/Charles M. Henry, Jr. Scholarship
Guchen Liu (Mathematics), Actuarial Science Award
Erika M. Lutz (CSD/Anthropology), After Sorority, All Philanthropic Doctor/Charles M. Henry, Jr. Scholarship 
Danielle Parsons (Psychology), Excellence in Foreign Language (Japanese) Study Award
Erika M. Lutz (CSD/Anthropology), After Sorority, All Philanthropic (ASAP) IPFW-CSD Scholarship in Communication Disorders
Amanda N. Martin (Biology Pre-Med), Emil Richard Seidel Scholarship 
Mieke Peels (Chemistry/Physics), Chemistry Faculty/Alumni Scholarship
Maja Sljivar (Biology), Honors Degree in Biology Award, Service Awards for Tutoring, and Service Awards for Supplemental Instruction

Honors Students at the 2014 Poster Symposium

The 2014 Research and Creative Endeavor Poster Symposium was held on March 28. The Honors Program was one of the event's sponsors, and current and past Honors students were well represented among the participants:

Gregory Adams (Physics), “Observing Argon Clusters in a Conical Expansion” (Mentor: Dr. Mark Masters)
Kayla Boyes (Biology), “Dendrochronological Assessment of Ash Growth Rates Relative to Emerald Ash Borer Infestation “ (Mentor: Dr. Jordan M. Marshall)
Ryan Curtis (Chemistry), “Improved Synthesis of a Genetically Encoded Non-natural Amino Acid” (Mentor: Dr. Eric Tippmann)
Srilatha Dasari (Biology), “The Permissibility of Nonviolent Resistance and the Concept of Just War” (Mentor: Heather Salge)
Alicia De Leon (Biology/ILCS) presented two posters: “Characterization of Forest Fragment Structure in Northeastern Indiana” (Mentor: Dr. Jordan M. Marshall) and “Clinica Madre de Dios: a Medical Spanish Service Learning Project” (Mentor: Dr. Talia Bugel) 
Heather Dewey (History), “Male Homosexuality during the Third Reich: Persecution Through Gender Roles” (Mentor: Dr. Ann Livschiz)
Rachel Habegger (Biology/History), “Land Usage near Waterways Affects Nutrient Content: A Study of Algal Communities” (Dr. Jordan M. Marshall) 
Sadie King-Hoffmann (CSD/English), “The Representation of Autism in Children’s Literature: An Analysis & An Alternative” (Mentor: Elizabeth Mannir)
Justin Lothamer (Biology), “Measuring the expression of genes associated with extracellular polymeric substances in Nostoc punctiforme” (Mentor: Dr. Tanya Soule)
Charles McIntosh (Engineering), “Upgrading a Robot’s Wireless Communication Link” (Mentor: Dr. Elizabeth Thompson)
Hallel Paraiso (Biology), “Analyzing the Efficiency of Inserting GP10 into a Planar Bilayer Membrane Dopped with a Carboxylated Lipid” (Mentor: Dr. Peng Jin) 
Regina Shannon (Biology), “Physiological and Immunological Responses of Sea Urchins Exposed to Low Salinity and Handling Stress” (Mentor: Dr. Ahmed Mustafa) 
Rachel Fuelling (B.A. Biology 2012 with Honors) presented a poster as a graduate student: “Diversity and Distribution of Plant Communities Related to Forest Fragment Size, Shape, Age, and Structure” (Mentor: Dr. Jordan M. Marshall)

Honors Students at 2014 MEHA

Three honors students traveled to Grand Rapids to present their honors projects research at MEHA:
Teresa Bárcenas (CSD) , Rachel Habegger (Biology), Sadie King-Hoffmann (English and Linguistics)
This trip was generously supported by RESP and Dean of COAS.