Honors Program

Spring Showcase Presenters

Justin Anderson

Title: “Manufacturing Process Optimization"

Major: Industrial Engineering Technology  Minor: Quality Certificate/Advanced Manufacturing                                                                                                                              Management Certificate

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Ramesh Narang (Manufacturing and Construction Engineering Technology)

External Reviewer: John Mitchell (Manufacturing and Construction Engineering Technology)

Honors Program Council Liaison: Dr. Ann Livschiz (History)


Justin Anderson  is originally from Kokomo, Indiana. He moved to Fort Wayne to work at General Motors after high school. After working at GM for some time and working with several engineers, Justin decided he wanted to pursue further education in the engineering field. Throughout the first two years of college Justin was a TIG welder part time, while loading up on classes. The summer before his senior year Justin accepted an internship at Tuthill Corporation, focused on manufacturing engineering. Justin was recently offered a full time position as a manufacturing engineer at Tuthill and will be starting May 2016. Justin played baseball and basketball in high school and is still a huge sports fan. In his free time Justin likes to work on his dad’s 1971 GTO and spend time with his girlfriend.


For this project, we will be focusing on a manufacturing cell that assembles digital meters. The digital meter line has a high value stream and has been under-producing for the last six months. There is opportunity to improve the assembly processes and layout of the digital meter line to help increase output and also improve the overall product quality. We are implementing several changes to manufacturing line that assembles digital meters. This project is taking place at our employer, Tuthill Corporation. These digital meters track how much fluid goes through them to +/- .2%. They have a high chemical compatibility and a large customer base in the oil and gas industry. The goal of the project is to combine two manufacturing cells into one line and also improve output.