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Honors Program

Honors Project Showcases

The 2014 Honors Project Showcase was held on April 11, 2014 and featured 11 students presenting their capstone honors projects. Click here to view the program for this event.


Teresa Bárcenas (CSD/Psychology)
"Cognitive Processing of Foreign-accented Speech"
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jonathan Dalby (CSD)

Rachel Habegger (Biology/History)
“Comparison of Fertilizers on Turfgrass”
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jordan Marshall (Biology)

Haley Hunter (Accounting)
“Inmate Dog-Training Program”
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Rachel Rayburn (Public Policy)

Stephanie Boissy (History)
"Gendering the Holocaust: Jewish Women in Nazi Concentration Camps"
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Ann Livschiz (History)

Kayla Boyes (Biology)
"Dendrochronological Assessment of Ash Growth Rates Relative to Emerald Ash Borer Infestation"
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jordan Marshall (Biology)

Heidi Nissley (Biology)
“Finding the Best Protocol to Evaluate Immune Function in Fish”
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Ahmed Mustafa (Biology)

Sadie King-Hoffmann (CSD/English)
“The Representation of Autism in Children’s Literature: An Analysis & An Alternative”
Faculty Mentor: Elizabeth Mannir (WOST)

Maja Sljivar (Biology)
“The Plankton Standoff: Algal Digestion Resistance, Algal Growth Trade-off and the Implications for Zooplankton Grazers”
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Bill DeMott (Biology)

Rachel Nerad (English)
“Critical Analysis of Stephen King’s The Shining"
Faculty Mentor: Dr. David Schuster (History)

Laura Trent (Biology)
"Functional Characterization of the Nucleobase Cation Symporter 1 in Picea glauca"
Faculty Mentor: Dr. George Mourad (Biology)

Srikanth Dasari (Physics/Biology)
“Figuring Out Nuclear Magnetic Resonance: A Mechanical Analogue of NM “
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Mark Masters (Physics)