Honors Program

Honors Student Group


The HonorDons is a departmental student organization. Membership is open to all IPFW honor students and honors eligible students. There are no dues to be a part of the HonorDons.

The HonorDons is a great way for high achieving students to come together and build life long friendships. We host many fun events and hope to see you there! 

Contact information

Shelby Smiley - President

  • email: smilsb01@students.ipfw.edu 

Amber Edelman - Vice-President

  • email: edelal01@students.ipfw.edu

Abbigayle Dunlavy - Secretary

  • email: dunlan01@students.ipfw.edu

Reegan Flattery - Treasurer

  • email: flatrl01@students.ipfw.edu

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