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Honors Program

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What is Honors?

The IPFW Honors Program is often confused with honors societies, departmental honors, or even the honor roll. While many of our students are involved in those programs and activities, we are actually an undergraduate certificate program with our own awards that students earn in addition to their degrees.

More importantly, however, the Honors Program is a way to get the most of your college education. The program's goal is to create learning opportunities and an environment of intellectual excitement and discovery through enriched courses of study and activities. In other words, we create classes and events where motivated students can get together to challenge themselves and each other to learn relevant, exciting, and fun things. Our classes are limited to only twenty students in order to maximize the interaction between students and instructors. In addition, our courses tend to be multidisciplinary and more interactive than non-honors courses, so they can supplement studies in any academic major.

Because learning extends beyond the classroom doors, you'll find the Honors Program offers more than just classes. Our student organization puts on a wide range of leadership opportunities, social events, and engaging activities. In addition, the Honors Program offers ways to get involved on the IPFW campus and in the Fort Wayne community through networking opportunities and placement on committees.

The Honors Program is about helping you make the most of your learning opportunities.

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