Honors Program

Honors Commercial Law I

Honors Business Law

Honors Commercial Law I

23933 | BUS L203-02H  |  T/R  |  1:30-2:45PM    |  NF 333  |  3.0 cr.

Prerequisite: Sophomore Class Standing Required

Instructor: Kent Kauffman, Esq. (Business Law)

Commercial Law I, which is often called business law, provides an overview of the primary legal doctrines and rules applicable in a business environment.  This course begins with an overview of the American legal system and civil litigation, ethics, constitutional law, and criminal law, before exploring the primary, substantive topics related to commercial endeavors. Those topics include contract formation and performance, torts and product liability, intellectual property, bankruptcy and securities law, agency and employment law, discrimination and harassment law, and business entities – such as partnerships, corporations, and limited liability companies. Critical thinking, case law analysis and application of legal rules to real-world scenarios are emphasized throughout the semester.