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Tuition and Fees

A prestigious degree may cost less than you think.

Graduate students pay different tuition rates than undergrads—but with IPFW’s many options for financial aid, scholarships, and assistantships, you can keep grad school affordable.

Graduate Student Tuition for 2014–15

  • Resident: $326.65 per Credit Hour
  • Non-Resident: $739.65 per Credit Hour
  • Online Distance Learning: $354.90 per Credit Hour

Estimated Cost of Attendance 2014-15

GraduatePer SemesterPer Year
Tuition ($739.65 per credit) @ 9 credits per semester $6,657 $13,314
On-campus housing (4 bed/2 bath @ $543/month, 10 month contract)* $2,715 $5,430
Health Insurance ($98 per month) $588 $1,176
Food (Not a billed cost)** $2,160 $4,320
Books (Not a billed cost)** $624 $1,248
Personal Expenses (Not a billed cost)** $1,455 $2,910
Total cost $14,199 $28,398

* Prices are based on 4-bed/2-bath on-campus housing. Students may opt to live in another on-campus housing option or live off-campus.

** These costs are variable. The actual costs depend on spending preferences of individual students.

*** The estimated cost listed does not take into consideration the Chancellor’s Merit Award, if awarded. The actual billed cost depends on the value of any awards and the number of credit hours taken each semester. The Chancellor’s Merit Award is awarded to five international graduate students every year based on the student’s academic records. Awards are determined by a thorough review of the information provided on the International Student Application and the required supporting documents. The maximum annual value for the award is approximately $6,971.40 (for up to four semesters).

As with any college or university, there will be additional unbilled costs: supplies, entertainment, clothing, transportation, vacations, etc. The total amount for unbilled costs will vary depending on each student’s lifestyle.

Students can expect that the cost of attendance will increase by 2–3% each year of enrollment.

See the Tuition & Fee Rate Schedule for complete tuition and fee rates.

You can also visit IPFW Financial Aid to learn more about tuition, fees, and opportunities for financial aid.