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Office of Graduate Studies

Graduate Admissions

Think about the difference a master’s degree from IPFW could make in your life.

You’ll gain new insight and experience in your field, work closely with faculty experts, and distinguish yourself among your peers and other job applicants.

A graduate degree can open doors to careers and promotions and make your time spent as a student all the more rewarding.


Why IPFW?No matter what you dare to imagine, it can start or continue here.

Find out why IPFW is a great place to go to grad school

Admission Requirements

Admission RequirementsThere are different classifications for graduate applicants and you will need to know your status to complete your application.

Learn about the different classifications of graduate applicants

Non-Degree-Seeking Students—Start Here

Non-degree-Seeking Students Start HereIf you are interested in taking graduate-level classes but do not intend to complete a degree program, you are considered a non-degree-seeking student.

Have a look at admission requirements for non-degree-seeking students

International Students—Start Here

International Students Start HereIf you are applying to an IPFW graduate program from abroad, you are considered an international student.

Examine the admission requirements for international students

Applying to IPFW

Apply HereBe prepared with what you need to make a distinctive impression with your application.

Visit the Applying to IPFW page to learn more

Degree-Seeking Students—Start Here

Degree-seeking Students Start HereIf you intend to complete a program and earn a graduate degree, you are considered a degree-seeking student.

Review the admission requirements for degree-seeking students

Re-entry Students

Re-entry Students Start HereIf you were previously admitted to a graduate program and are looking to come back, you are considered a re-entry student.

Check out the admission requirements for re-entry students