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Give to the IPFW Endowment

Give to the IPFW Endowment

While annual giving provides current support, the endowment serves as the university's long-term "savings account."  

It can provide a steady level of income and protect academic and co-curricular programs from periodic budget uncertainties.  Gifts to our endowment have long-term effects because the principal, or actual gift, is never spent.  Only the investment earnings from the gift are used for funding purposes.

IPFW’s endowment, currently at $42 million, needs your investment.

  • Earnings from endowments are used to support scholarships, fellowships, academic seminars, curriculum development, chairs, professorships, visiting lecturers and research initiatives.
  • Endowments may be restricted as to purpose or unrestricted, depending on the donor’s intent. To date, IPFW has more than 60 endowed funds.

Download the 2014 IPFW Impact Report [PDF]