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Why Give to IPFW

What is philanthropy?

phi·lan·thro·py: the practice of giving money and time to help make life better for other people

In this case, philanthropy is supporting your fellow students - and enriching your own experience - by giving to IPFW. 

I pay tuition. Why should I give to IPFW? 

Tuition only covers ??% of your IPFW education. See for yourself. Simply put, tuition alone doesn’t cover the bill,


Okay, so… Why should I give to IPFW? 

Giving to IPFW increases the value of your degree. 

The more students and alumni that support IPFW, the more prestigious the university becomes, and the better your degree looks to employers or graduate schools.  

How much should I give? 

Students can give any amount, but you should give an amount that is personally significant. 

Every student faces a different financial situation. 

You should give an amount you can reasonably afford and makes you feel good about your decision.  

How do I know how my money will be used? 

You decide: you can give to anything at IPFW that you want to support.  


How can I give? 

You can give online at any time, or participate in IPFW’s first annual Giving Day, April 30, 2014. 

The Ambassadons will be supporting Giving Day.

How can I apply for scholarships? 

Complete the annual Common Scholarship Application.